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UK2000 Releases Luton 2020HD


UK2000 Scenery announces the release of UK2000 Luton 2020HD forPrepar3D and FSX (X-Plane version due March). We are continuingour remake of airports with the goal to increase texture resolutionsand model details to take advantage of modern graphics cardcapabilities. New and updated airports will be aimed at the latestPrepar3D and X-Plane versions, but will continue to create FSX sceneryfor now (but may change).


Luton is the next product made with this new system that includesrealistic and accurate ground markings, detailed photo-real models andtextures, detailed airport vehicles and 'clutter', P3D v4 dynamiclighting, replacement runway and approach lighting system. The sceneryis compatible with default, Generation-X, FTX Global, FTX England andOrbx True Earth.


The Prepar3D version is compatible with V2, V3 and V4.5 (PBRversion). The installer takes care of which files to use for yourparticular sim. Priced at just £18.48, one price for all threemajor sim types.





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