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TopSkills Announces All New Flight-Sim Manual


TopSkills announces February 4, 2022 as the release date forBill Stack's newest e-book, Glass Simming 2020. At 225pages and 11 chapters, the book will explain the use of electronicflight decks and cockpits in 15 aircraft.

From this comprehensive manual, home flight simmers can learn realaviation skills for simulating their flights like true pilots: Makingflight plans with departure and destination airports and enroutewaypoints. Following their flight plans on the navigationmaps. Finding information about airports, waypoints, and navaids inthe aviation databases. Implementing official procedures at theirflight-plan airports. And much more.

In straightforward language, the book explains Primary FlightDisplays, Multi-Function Displays, Navigation Displays, controlpanels, Flight Management Computers, and Control Display Units. Elevenchapters are dedicated to separate aircraft. Each explains what thingsare, what they do, and how to use them. Descriptions and explanationsare supplemented by images taken directly from the flight decks andcockpits. Some images are annotated for additional clarity. Aseven-page appendix defines more than 80 abbreviations and acronymsused in the book. It is based on real-world source material, and ithas been thoroughly vetted, edited, and proofread.

Glass Simming 2020 will be available in Portable Document Format(PDF) so that all flight simmers anywhere can use it effortlessly.

The FlightSim.Com Store is taking sharply discounted advance orderstoward the February 4 release date.

Pre-Order TopSkills - Glass Simming 2020
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NOTE: When you pre-order the book it will be added to yourFlightSim.Com Store customer account. After the book is released onFebruary 4th you can login to the store, go to "My Account", anddownload the book.

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