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Toposim UltraMesh New Jersey Now Available


Multi-LOD10-14 / 2.3m maximum horizontal resolution terrain meshcovering the State of New Jersey in the United States of America,derived from 1m LiDAR digital elevation models, compiled at anastounding 2.3m horizontal resolution statewide, specially-designedfor low and slow barnstorming, ultralight, four-wheeling, and hikingaficionados.

(Portions of some counties where 1m LiDAR source data is not yetavailable have been filled with 10m source data. These areas areghosted in the current coverage graphic and will be updated when thesource data becomes available from the data provider.)


Expanding our selection of the ultra-high-resolution UltraMeshproduct line, UltraMesh scenery is now available. Featuring anincredible 2.3m horizontal resolution compiled from 1m LIDAR bareearth source data, this is truly the most detailed and accuraterendition of the state's elevation models ever produced for the FSXtrunk and all its branches.

One caveat of ultra-high 2m resolution terrain is a shorter visualrange than some of the lower, more prevalent LODs, such as the ToposimContinents Collection, making this terrain mesh more conductive tolow-altitude barnstorming and bush flying, ultralights, and groundoperations such as avatar hiking or off-road four-wheeling. Try itwith a Jeep or Humvee–great fun!

UltraMesh scenery is compatible with FSX, FSX-SE, all versions ofP3D, and FSW. As well, it works great with Orbx Global Vector,Ultimate Terrain USA, as well as all photoreal ground textureproducts.

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