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This Day in Aviation: Amelia Earhart Flys The Pacific


On January 11, 1935, aviation pioneer, Amelia Earhart became thefirst aviator to fly solo from Honolulu, Hawaii, to Oakland,California. Although this transoceanic flight had been attempted bymany others, notably by the unfortunate participants in the 1927 DoleAir Race that had reversed the route, her trailblazing flight had beenmainly routine, with no mechanical breakdowns. In her final hours, sheeven relaxed and listened to "the broadcast of the Metropolitan Operafrom New York".

If you're an FSX user and would like to try your hand at flying theVega, why not head on over to the file library and check out thewonderful FS2004 conversion by David Grindele:

FSX Lockheed Vega: vega8.zip

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