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Simworks Studios 4th of July Sale


Simworks Studios announces their 4th of July Sale, with all of theirproducts now 30% off this week only. SimWorks Studios is a developer ofhigh quality flight simulation add-ons, aimed at creating not just asimulation, but the experience! Their specialty is military aircraftand aircraft carriers to fly them from.

Included in their line are the iconic F-4 Phantom II, featuring modelvariants covering from the 1950's to the 1970's. The visual model isimpressive and comes with 16 carefully researched liveries and differentcockpits to match different eras.


To fully appreciate the F-4, fly it with their Midway Battlegroupwhich includes the carriers USS Midway and USS Coral Sea. This packagelets you fully experience carrier action...listen to the LSO, callthe ball and catch the wire, then ride the elevator down to the hangar.


For Prepar3D v4.5 users only, there are two more carrier packages,Nimitz Class vol. 1 and vol. 2. The carriers in these packages featurehighly detailed flight decks and such special features likes the firstcarrier-based AI aircraft for P3D.



Check out the full line of Simworks Studios add-ons at theFlightSim.Com Store.

Shop Simworks Studios Memorial Day Sale

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