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Rolling Cumulus--Fly The Lockheed Electra 188


Let's Fly The L-188 Electra: Episode II of Famous Aircraftof the World Series

Lockheed's Electra provided a number of airlines with theirintroduction to turbine powered aircraft. Today it remains popularwith freight operators. The Lockheed L-188 Electra was developed tomeet a 1954 American Airlines requirement for a domestic short tomedium range 75 to 100 seat airliner. In June 1955 American awardedLockheed an order for 35 such aircraft. Lockheed's design, the L-188,was a low wing, four turboprop powered aircraft. Many other airlinesshared American's interest in the L-188, and by the time the firstprototype flew on December 6 1957, the order book stood at 144.

Welcome Captains, re-live the late 1950s & 60s flying thisgreat aircraft in twenty missions all over the world when it was areal queen among pilots and passengers. Have you ever flown on aLockheed Electra? Now is your chance to feel the power of the firstUSA turboprop!



  • Carry freight & passengers over the 1950-60s sky
  • 20 missions in USA, Indonesia, Panama, Greece, Portugal, Australia, Japan, Peru, Mexico, Argentina, Africa and more...
  • Schedule timetable
  • New scenery at airports and airfields
  • Six weather themes
  • Complete documentation


Purchase Rolling Cumulus - Famous Aircraft of the World Series Episode II - Let's Fly the L-188 Electra for FSX

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