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Rikoooo Boeing 787 VC/Merge Released


After five months of production I am pleased to present a newvirtual cockpit. This is the Boeing 787. This cockpit is the mostadvanced of all (in the Freeware category) and is based on MagKnight's3D assets (see permissions section). But not only, it's also acomplete package. Indeed, I have merged the 3D models of the Boeing787-8 / -9 / -10 GEnx from TDS hence the name "Family".

In a few words, I present the Boeing 787 "all inclusive version"ready for immediate departure.

Everything is pre-programmed for you, the VC is 100% integratedwith the TDS B787s. I have rewrote all the XML gauges to make themcompatible, I have created all the animations of the virtual cockpit,every switch, every lever, every button, every function. I have testedand modified the FDEs of each aircraft to match the B787 flightmodel. I have added 54 high quality liveries that I have configuredone by one. And, much more!

What Is Included?

  • A new virtual cockpit for the Boeing 787 (one native FSX version and one native Prepar3D v4 version)
  • Three exterior models (Boeing 787-8 / -9 / -10) integrated with the cockpit
  • 54 upgraded liveries with 3 exclusive Rikoooo liveries.
  • Authentic sounds for B787 GEnx by kairi Akai http://k-akai.blogspot.com/
  • Custom gauges, GPS, GPWS sounds and alarms, switch sounds, Pushback Panel, MLW calculator, GSU Panel and Lighting Panel.
  • 22 custom views (co-pilot view, jump-seats view, Overhead Panel view, wing views, engine views, landing gear views, etc.).
  • Enhanced FDE for better stability and balance (no more pitch nose)
  • AES, Intelliscene and GSX configuration files
  • TDS 787 public painter kit
  • Virtual cockpit user manual and B787 manual (the files are in the Documents folder)


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