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Review: Just Flight - Duchess Model 76 FSX/P3D

Duchess Model 76

Publisher: Just Flight

Review Author:
Richard Nurse

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Just Flight is well known fordeveloping great general aviation (GA) models that bring the simmerclose to that of the real airplane. These aircraft have impressivesystems modelling, high resolution textures, and great soundpackages. Just Flight's Piper PA-28R Arrow III, and Cessna 152 Trainerare fine examples of this. Following on from this great tradition ofhigh-quality GA aircraft, this highly detailed simulation of theDuchess Model 76 has been developed by Just Flight's in-house teamfollowing comprehensive, hands-on research, with two real-life Duchessaircraft, G-BZRT and G-GCCL. This aircraft features comprehensivesystems modelling, dynamic engine wear and management realism, a fullyfunctional cockpit (even the circuit breakers work, which I love!),realistic and accurate flight dynamics based on real world performanceand handling data, and a beautiful, roaring sound package of theLycoming O-360 engines that really make you want to hop in thisairplane one more time. Here are some of the features that stand outin this airplane:

The Cockpit

  • A truly 3D virtual cockpit right down to accurately modelled seatbelts and screw heads - every instrument is constructed fully in 3D with smooth animations
  • Authentic RPM gauge needle 'wobble'
  • Cockpit textures feature wear and tear based on reference photos taken in the real aircraft to produce an authentic environment
  • Interactive engine start checklist
  • Interactive checklists for every stage of flight
  • Panel state system which will automatically save the panel state whenever a flight is saved and reload the panel state whenever that flight is loaded
  • Aircraft configuration system that will allow you to choose between 'cold & dark' or 'ready for takeoff'
  • Fully functional and comprehensive IFR-capable avionics fit including:
    • KMA 28 audio selector unit
    • GNS 430 COM/NAV 1 radio and GPS
    • KX 165 COM/NAV 2 radio with 32 channel saving compatibility
    • KR 87 ADF receiver
    • KT 76A transponder unit
    • WX-8 Stormscope
    • Century IV autopilot
    • HSI and ADF gauges
    • KDI DME indicator with HOLD functionality
  • Flight computer panel with useful information such as fuel burn, endurance, speed and wind speed/direction
  • Flight1 GTN and GNS integration in the virtual cockpit (Flight1 GTN/GNS sold separately)


Aircraft Systems

  • Custom-coded systems:
    • Engine management
    • Electrical system (battery, alternators, functional circuit breakers)
    • Fuel system (fuel pumps, selectors, crossfeed)
    • Hydraulic/landing gear system (including emergency extension)
    • Century IV autopilot
    • Environmental (cabin heating/ventilation controls)
  • Failures including spark plug fouling, limited battery life, vapour lock and more
  • Refill menu for quick and easy refilling of fuel and oil, and recharging of the battery

Other Features

  • Realistic and accurate flight dynamics based on real world performance and handling data, and input from Duchess pilots
  • Authentic sound set
  • Custom sounds for switches, doors, controls, wind noise and more
  • Comprehensive manual with panel guide and performance data
  • PSD Paint Kit included so you can create your own paint schemes

Review Of The Installation

The multi-platform installer allows the Duchess to be installed onFSX, P3D, or both. For the P3D installation, you can install theaircraft in the P3D root folder, or in the P3D Add-ons folder. It is asimple and straight forward installation.



Installation complete.

Review Of The Engine Management Realism Settings

An excellent feature of this aircraft is the realism of real-timefailures and performance issues that are created when the pilot doesnot handle the aircraft systems with care. Engine Management can beenabled or disabled for the following engine failure/managementfeatures:

  • Spark plug fouling
  • Vapor lock
  • Oil usage and engine failure caused by low oil quantity
  • Battery usage

This is critical for completely enhancing the realism and immersionfor the simmer. After a few flights, I did actually notice that duringthe engine run-up, one of the spark plugs actually did show some signsof fouling, as the RPM dropped a little more than normal.

But where is the carburetor icing? This airplane is equipped with acarburetor heat system, but the engine management did not featurecarburetor icing, which results in a total loss of engine power if thepilot fails to apply carburetor heat in conditions conducive to theaccumulation of carburetor icing. This is a must for any airplane witha carburetor.

Review Of The External Model

Just Flight has developed the external model of this add-on usingreal-world aircraft plans and comprehensive photography of the realaircraft. The textures are HD, so the sense of realism is extremelygood, especially when looking around in the external view.

The model was designed with several animations, including passengerand baggage doors, storm window, sun visors and engine exhausts. Theground equipment, which includes the chocks and tie-downs, areavailable when the battery and engines are off, and the parking brakeis set. You can also find authentic labelling and placards based onthose found in the real aircraft, such as magnetic variation cards forthe compass, etc.

My only concern is that the textures are not Ultra High Resolution,and I believe that the reason is the already high GPU requirements ofP3D V5. However, for P3Dv4, a higher resolution is perfectlyacceptable (as seen in a few other add-ons).



Review Of The Interior Model

The cockpit boasts great attention to detail, as all instrumentsthat are supposed to be switchable and work in the real aircraft aredetailed in this add-on. Even the circuit breakers are clickable andanimated; every instrument is constructed fully in 3D with smoothanimations. The buttons have a very nice sound set as well: loud andrecognizable. Custom sounds are also developed for switches, doors,controls, wind noise, and more.




The cabin is highly detailed, featuring wear and tear texturesbased on reference photos taken from the real aircraft to produce anauthentic environment. You can tell that real images of seats andother features were used to model the cabin.



Review Of Support Windows

Inflight Checklist Window

The checklist is not linked to the actual item in the cockpit, butthe user can click the item on the checklist to change its color togreen when the action has been completed. This checklist includes allnormal procedures, plus many emergency procedures as well, which isalways welcomed.


Electronic Flight Computer

The flight computer shows a variety of real-time informationrelated to everything from speed to fuel burn/flow andrange/endurance.


Tow Bar

A tow bar window is included to allow the simmer to move theaircraft around without having to use the slew command. The towbarworks very well, but the way it turns the aircraft is time consuming,as you must click the button many times to continue turning theairplane.


Review Of The Engine Sound Set

The Lycoming O-360 has received a great spotlight in thisadd-on. The sound set is authentic and of high quality. You can hearthe blaring sound of the engines and the propeller, and it isimpressive both from inside the cockpit and outside. Much attention todetail is noticeable. Have a look at my review video, it really isthat good!


Simmer Opinion Of The Just Flight Duchess 76

I believe that the Duchess 76 is a fantastic add-on for your flightsim, as it includes great systems, highly accurate modelling of theinterior and exterior with life-like high resolution texturesthroughout, dynamic engine management requirements that bring theairplane to life, and an intense sound package of the Lycoming O-360engines. Importantly, the flight dynamics are well defined andrealistic. The cockpit is my favorite, as even the circuit breakerswork!

It does however have a few issues as mentioned in the review, buthopefully these will be addressed in future updates. Just Flight'sDuchess 76 is a highly enjoyable aircraft and one which I feel youwill get a lot of enjoyment from. Highly recommended.


Richard Nurse


Purchase Just Flight - Duchess Model 76 for FSX/P3D

Also available for X-Plane 11

Also available for Aerofly FS 2

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