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PilotEdge Announces SimVenture 2020


PilotEdge is teaming with EAA and NATCA during EAA's Spirit ofAviation Week to deliver SimVenture! This unique event provides peoplewith the opportunity to fly into Oshkosh on their home flightsimulators using X-Plane, Prepar3D or FSX.

During EAA's Spirit of Aviation Week, real-world air trafficcontrollers (provided by NATCA) will be staffing Fisk Approach andOshkosh Tower to allow pilots to fly the famous Fisk Arrival intoOshkosh complete with wing rocks, fast-paced ATC and hundreds of otheraircraft; all from the comfort of your flight simulator.

SimVenture 2020 - Fly into Oshkosh on your Flight Simulator withReal ATC (Fisk Arrival).


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