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Liberator RAF Variants Expansion Set For FSX


This 11-aircraft package expands the Virtavia B-24 Liberator. Thisset of models focuses on the early Liberators supplied to the RoyalAir Force Bomber Command, Coastal Command and Ferry Command. Alsoincluded is Winston Churchill's special VIP transport version of thePB4Y-2 Privateer known as 'Commando' as well as two USAAC-liveriedearly Liberators.


Eleven Unique Aircraft And Texture Sets

  • LB30A Liberator, RAF Ferry Command
  • Liberator I (LB30B), RAF Coastal Command
  • B-24A Liberator, USAAC Ferry Command
  • Liberator B.Mk.II, RAF Bomber Command
  • Liberator II, RAF Coastal Command
  • Liberator II RY-3 (Liberator C.Mk.IX, VIP version)
  • Liberator II (LB30) 'Jungle Queen', USAAC
  • Liberator B.Mk.III, RAF Bomber Command
  • Liberator GR.Mk.III, RAF Coastal Command
  • Liberator GR.V, RAF Coastal Command
  • Liberator GR.VI, RAF Coastal Command



Available for FSX: Steam and Prepar3D v3/v4/v5:

Purchase Virtavia - Liberator RAF Variants for FSX
Purchase Virtavia - Liberator RAF Variants for FSX: Steam
Purchase Virtavia - Liberator RAF Variants for Prepar3D

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