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Golden Age Simulations - C3B Stearman for FSX/P3D


The C3 was a rugged biplane with simple straight wings, a toughundercarriage with oleo shock absorbers and two open cockpits with thepilot in the rear and two side-by-side passenger seats in thefront. In fact, it was a slightly modified version of the earliermodel C2 aircraft. Changes included an increased volume oil tank andlarger sized baggage compartment.

The C3 was powered by a variety of engines of between 128 hp and225 hp, each version having its own designation. The last version ofthe C3 was the C3R which had several external differences including acutout in the aft portion of the wing center section for improvedpilot visibility, a headrest in the aft cockpit, and slightlyincreased chord of the rudder and vertical stabilizer. Although therewere several versions of the C3, most were either the C3B or theC3R.


The C3 was built with light commercial applications in mind,including passenger flying and business flights. The C3MB was aspecial mail-carrying aircraft based on the C3 with the forwardcockpit enclosed as a dedicated cargo compartment. Our model providesfor both options C3B and C3MB.

Our representation of this iconic aircraft is fully animated withtool tips active in the VC cockpit for all animated parts. It is fullycompatible with FSX, FSX:SE, and all versions of P3D.



  • High quality, fully animated 3D models representing the passenger configured C3B and mail carrier C3MB Stearman
  • Fully modeled detailed 220-hp Wright R-790 J-5 Whirlwind
  • High resolution (4096 x 4096) DXT 5 textures
  • Fully animated VC cockpit with VC cockpit shadowing and smooth 3D modeled gauges
  • User controlled aircraft configuration manager
  • VC cockpit custom sound package
  • Volumetric propeller textures
  • High fidelity sound files by Immersive Audio
  • Precision flight dynamics
  • Fully animated pilot figures
  • Paint kit
  • Glass transparency option - review owner's manual for details
  • Custom installer for FSX, FSX:SE and P3D versions 1 – 5


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