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FSAddon Publishing Closing Its Doors


Dear all,

first of all let me wish you a Merry Christmas, even when inlockdown or otherwise limited. Hopefully, you are all still healthy.Also hopefully, next year will see a return to normalcy, and no, notthe "new normal", the regular one. Here's hoping.

Talking about next year...the reason I am writing to you is that Ihave decided to stop my commercial activities under FSAddonPublishing. It is getting too expensive, and too much work. Too muchfor the time I still have to spend on it, and too much for my age, Iguess. Even though we are spending most of the time at home here inItaly, forced by the circumstances, I seem to be running out of timemost every day. I guess the slower tempo of living and moving has todo with it.

Anyway, after all these years of FSAddon it is a toughdecision. But with the advent of the new MSFS the sales have nowdropped to almost nothing, and the cost of the web sites has not gonedown. So it just does not make sense to continue. Most of my workthese days is responding to former customers who managed to lose theirdownloads and request new links and registration keys.

As of January 1st the Shopify Shop will be off-line. It also meanssupport for previously sold products will be a problem because I amnot continuing the almost daily efforts I still put in currently. Morelike once a week. And over some time the server contracts holding thesoftware will also lapse, making the downloads no longeravailable.

It has been a long road, sometimes bumpy, never boring, and I thinktogether with my developers we have brought some joy to flightsimmersall over the world.

I will now try and build my own home cockpit before it is too lateand either Covid or old age catches up. You will still find meon various forums from time to time.

Best regards,
Francois Dumas
FSAddon Publishing

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