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Flysimware - Mitsubishi MU-2B-60 v2.9


Version 2.9 Updates

New Features:

  1. New realistic air start procedure. See Manual.
  2. Prop spool down animation is now slower on ground. DISCLAIMER: The upside is now slower spool down but the downside is in air the spool down takes like 2 minutes to stop due to wind milling. This is a limitation issue for this type of air file.
  3. Now you can save flight with chocks, plugs and windshield cover enabled and when you load the flight the next time they will now load enabled. Now when either engine starts these options will disable. We use to use the parking brakes but this will no longer work with our new feature.
  4. Flysimware's Transponder in the GTN models were not enabled.

Bugs And Updates:

  1. The prop animated the wrong direction for the feathered position. Fixed
  2. P3D beacon bleeding into cockpit is now fixed due to our new DLL donated by Doug Dawson.
  3. Prop angle ground minimum reduced from 4 degrees to 0. Now you can move the throttle slightly forward for taxi movement keeping the throttle below the ground idle line so the engine sound does not increase.
  4. Flysimware's Transponder always displays 4 digits when starting with a zero. For example you can now enter 0123 or 0000.
  5. Cabin and VC dome light updated.
  6. Flight dynamics update. Increased reverse thruster. Improved airframe and flaps drag. Improved engine torque scale and sensitivity.
  7. Airspeed Barber pole updated to mach 0.57 per Mitsubishi POM.
  8. Windshield glass is more clear and the tinted green glass which is optional is slightly lighter.

Flysimware Mitsubishi MU-2B-60

Flysimware has designed the MU-2B-60 since Flysimware's chiefpilot and beta captain is very familiar with this type of turbopropand this specific aircraft. Flysimware was given hundreds of photosand engine sound recordings from an owner who recently refurbishedhis MU-2B-60 aircraft. With hundreds of hours and over 4,000 lines ofcustom coding we have brought you the most realistic Garrettturboprop simulation aircraft on the market. Due to FSX limitationson the turboprop engines we have worked around the coding to producea linked prop shaft direct to the prop and being the first company tosimulate a real world Garrett turboprop system.

We have included many animated features throughout the cabin andvirtual cockpit. With custom coding we have a accurate system down tothe smallest details. We have included two more options for users whouse the payware GTN750 GPS unit or Reality's XP WX500 weather radarunit. If you do not own these payware add-ons our default modelincludes a static weather radar and Flysimware's upgraded GNS 530 GPSunit with a working VNAV system.

To learn more about our model please visit our product page forthe latest manuals and detailed tutorial videos on standard walkaround to engine start up or shut down procedures.


  • Real World operational with high quality specs
  • 100% shareable cockpit ability
  • Installs to FSX, FSX Steam Edition and Prepar3D
  • HD textures / World Reflections / Specular effects / AO static shadow effects
  • Self shadowing effects for interior model (DX10)
  • Custom sound set with bonus virtual cockpit and environment sounds
  • HD Custom coding for real World gauges and animations
  • Includes Sperry and Collins flight instruments and tested for accuracy
  • Flight1 GTN 750 compatibility
  • Reality/XP WX500 compatibility
  • Accurate pressurization system
  • High quality animated pilots with optional settings
  • Aircraft option panel allows you to add luggage change aircraft modes and pilots
  • Service hangar to repair engines or failures
  • NTS check / Propeller start Locks system / Accurate start up and shut down precedure
  • Complete auto pilot modes with IAS climb
  • Animated first stage compressor turbines
  • Custom windshield rain effects and custom world reflections
  • Custom coding for the 2 Garrett TPE331 turboprop engines and sounds for the most realistic Garrett simulation ever produced. Now known as Honeywell 331 engines! This is a geared drive engine unlike the common turboprop you find in a King Air aircraft.


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