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DigitalThemePark Turns 18


DigitalThemePark celebrates its 18th year in operation. They wentlive on September 10, 2002, over 18 years ago! They first started withBattlefield 1942 and RogerWilco for comms! Combined with the recentrelease of MSFS, they are enjoying a month of celebration with weeklyflying activities and overwhelming demand for a second fireside chatwith Lloyd "Bozo" Abel, the Top Gun pilot that did the famous "buzzingthe tower" scene.

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About DigitalThemePark

DigitalThemePark is a multi-gaming community of 24,000+ virtualcitizens. It provides organization and congregation of gamers throughthe use of Voice Over IP (TeamSpeak 3) while promoting the interestsof gaming, software, and hardware. DigitalThemePark uses dedicatedservers "in-the-cloud" for all of its 24/7 dedicated VoIP andMultiplayer services.

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