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DC-3 Airways Announces 2022 World Rally


DC-3 Airways, a leader in the Flight Simulation VirtualAirline community, is pleased to announce its 2022 World Rally.

Beginning October 1, participating pilots will have a series of 10carefully crafted plans to test their flight and navigation skills.

Plans will be created for all the major flight simulationplatforms. In addition to vectors and altitude guidance, the planswill include consistent weather through each leg of any given flightplan. This means, that external weather programs will not be necessaryto get maximum enjoyment from the flying experience.

In addition to flight plans for each simulation platform, RallyOrganizers will include plans for Little Nav Map, a freewarenavigation program which has become the gold standard for thousands ofsimulation pilots.

We recognize that not all flight sim platforms might include eachand every waypoint in its data base. But, with the Little Nav Mapvisualization of flight plans, pilots will be able to navigate withease by noting upcoming vectors.

Registration is free and open to all simulation pilots. Applicantsdo not need to be a pilot for DCA. Simply email your request to:


Further information will be provided as we get closer to theOctober1 start date, so please check the World Rally linkregularly. Check this link for the latest information.

Fight Plan details for each simulation platform can be found in theDownload section of the World Rally Page as they become available:


Additionally, you can register for the World Rally Forum byclicking the Forum hyperlink and filling out the Registration form.All questions will be answered through the Forum. Finally, we hopeyou will be interested in joining the DCA Pilot Roster as aparticipating pilot for our many activities and flight planopportunities.

Check our airline atwww.dc3airways.netfor full information.

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