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DC Designs Concorde Ready For Release


So, this is the last Concorde update before the release! I'mdelighted to report that work on both the FSX and Prepar3D versions isnow complete, and that both packages are being sent off to Just Flightready for release. The conversion to FSX took a little longer thanplanned - not surprising really on an aircraft like Concorde - but I'malso happy to say that the FSX version retains the full functionalityof the Prepar3D version, and performs really well.


I will be taking a short break for a few days to regain my sanityafter such a long project, before picking things up again with theupdates to the Super Hornets package (bug fixes and PBR) before thenperforming the same work for the F-15 Eagles package. Once these twotasks are complete, I will begin conversions of all my aircraft intoMSFS, starting with the F-15 Eagles package (and yes, all versions ofall types will be converted as one package).

Enjoy these pictures of Concorde in FSX, Prepar3D v4.5, and recentshots of Concorde and the F-15C in MSFS.



ETA: The Concorde package will contain both the FSX and P3Dversions, so if you're an FSX owner who wants to upgrade later to P3D,you'll already have the model for it.

DC Designs Concorde Progress Update
DC Designs Freeware Is Coming To MSFS

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