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DC Designs Concorde Progress Update


It's been a very busy week here as work comes to an end on Concorde- which normally represents the most hectic end of a productionschedule!

Lots of testing of the systems aboard Concorde, and I shouldprobably reiterate to everybody who is looking forward to buyingConcorde that although we definitely don't do "study level", everybodyis really going to have their hands full operating thisaircraft. There really is so much to do to ensure that the airplaneflies as it should, in terms of fuel transfer, centre of gravitybalance and hitting the right "numbers" in the climb that I'm afraidthere's no easy way out - you either fly the airplane right, or youdon't get to experience Mach 2 at 58,000ft. We're not putting anythingin the user's way, it's just plain physics and aerodynamics.


I'm hoping to wrap up the project sometime next week, with therelease following as Just Flight's own schedule allows. I can alsoreport that although final pricing isn't nailed down yet, I can assureeveryone that the price of Concorde will be in the ball-park of myprevious releases, so no super high pricing going on here. I can alsoconfirm that upgrades to MSFS, when Concorde is released for it, willbe priced very low, even though I will probably re-build the entirecockpit to bring it up to the new standards.


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