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BVA Announces Wings Over New England


Boston Virtual ARTCC launches Wings Over New England, a free, self-paced training program for virtual pilots.

The new program, available for free to anyone who joins BostonVirtual ARTCC (BVA), is designed to teach safe and efficient aircraftoperation within the virtual air traffic control system.

BOSTON - August 16, 2020 - Are you looking for more informationabout flying VFR through complex American airspace? Want tips onspeaking with air traffic control? Looking for guidance on flying fullapproaches, holds, and other complex IFR procedures? Want to know moreabout RNAV? Starting today, members of Boston Virtual ARTCC on VATSIMcan learn all about these topics and more, for free, with Wings OverNew England (WINGS)!

WINGS is designed to help teach pilots how to safely operate withinthe U.S. air traffic system. From VFR closed traffic at Nantucket(KACK), a back course instrument approach at New Bedford (KEWB),airline operations at Boston (KBOS), and RNAV approaches in theAdirondack Mountains (at KSLK), WINGS will take pilots on a scenicjourney across the northeastern United States while offering engaging,self-paced learning along the way.


The program is designed for pilots who already know how to flytheir aircraft; it won't cover flying skills like using flaps ormaking turns. Instead, it addresses skills that apply to online flyingin both VFR and IFR environments, making the most of what an at-homeflight simulator can teach. It includes structured, self-guidedtraining lessons that do not rely directly on an instructor, allowingpilots to learn at their own pace and in a comfortableenvironment.

WINGS is comprised of 30 flights, each of which must be flownonline in the New England area of VATSIM, when virtual air trafficcontrol is available. Every flight contains a series of tasks. Duringthe flight, air traffic control monitors progress to ensure each ofthe tasks is completed correctly. If a pilot successfully meets thestandards, a rating is issued and the pilot progresses to the nextflight. Pilots can choose to complete all 30 flights in sequence orfocus on specific subsets like "I'm new to online flying", "I want tolearn about VFR operations", or "give me an intro to RNAV".

To participate in the program, pilots must complete a freeapplication to join Boston Virtual ARTCC and fly each flight onlinewith VATSIM, the international online flying network. Once approvedfor membership, flights can be completed any time air traffic controlis online in the Boston Center (ZBW) area of VATSIM. A schedule withexpected air traffic control coverage is posted athttp://www.bvartcc.com. (For pilots new to online flying, BVA also provides astep-by-step set of instructions to help members get started.)

Pilots can fly WINGS using any aircraft, provided they can meet thestandards for the applicable flight. While a slower, piston orturboprop is recommended, private jets and even airliners are welcometoo. The first half of the program specifically covers "low and slow"General Aviation operations like VFR pattern entries, helicopter andClass B transition routes, and visual navigation. The entire programis flyable with conventional navigation (i.e., VORs only), thoughpilots that have RNAV capability will gain more from the laterflights.

For more information, instructions on how to get started, and alink to join Boston Virtual ARTCC, visitwww.bvartcc.com/wings.

About Boston Virtual ARTCC

Boston Virtual ARTCC is an online community of pilots and airtraffic controllers operating in the Boston ARTCC on VATSIM. BostonVirtual ARTCC's numerous community-based and self-study programs helpfoster an environment where everyone is willing to learn and happy tohelp. The community is run entirely by volunteers and supported bydonations. Membership is free, by application. Visitwww.bvartcc.com/welcometo find out more.


The Virtual Air Traffic Simulation Network (VATSIM) is a freeglobal flight simulation network and community where users ofMicrosoft Flight Simulator, Prepar3D, and X-Plane can fly together andinteract with virtual air traffic controllers. All flight simulatorenthusiasts looking to add realism to their flight simulatorexperience are welcome to join VATSIM by creating a free account atwww.vatsim.net.

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