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ATSimulations An-2 Updated


If you already own this product just re-download and reinstall itfrom the link in your purchase letter. If not - you are welcome to buy- price is the same.

What's new:

  • Agricultural model. With two new liveries, tank for chemicals andcorrect load manager. Real weight will be changing with chemicalsflow. Loading just on the ground, operating only if chemicals areloaded. Operated by i key or by lever in the cockpit.
  • You were asking about float model with "modern" propeller. Now itis included. With new "635" Border Protection Army (Poland)livery.


Have fun flying our aircraft! Tell your friends about if you likethem.

All liveries in the update done by Rafal (YoYo) Stankiewicz thankhim VERY much for them!

This model is compatible with FSX, FSX-SE and Prepar3D (v3 and v4).

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