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Press Release September 2020

The virtual world, from a Flight Simulation perspective, haschanged dramatically over the last few months with two (MicrosoftFlight Simulator and P3D v5) new platforms arriving in quicksuccession.

With an increased focus on our shared hobby, from those who haven'texperienced it previously, virtual airlines have an important role toplay in providing an accessible platform to new recruits to help themfully engage with the opportunities it presents. As a long standingvirtual airline (established 2000) The Airwego Group is well placedwith an experienced Staff Team and library of resources to help youtake your first steps in the fascinating world of virtual airlines.Similarly for those more experienced "simmers" we offer a mature setof schedules, a virtual hangar full of aircraft repaints for bothfreeware and payware aircraft and an environment in which you canenjoy Flight Simulation without too many rules!

Our Flight Tracking software (Compass2020) has been developedin-house and supports FSX, P3D, X-Plane and the new Microsoft FlightSimulator. It provides everything you need to prepare for yourflight, will not intrude with "keyboard checks" and is long-haulflight friendly by permitting the use of time acceleration (up to x4)on flights longer than five hours.


While our original bases at Manchester and Humberside Airportsstill remain we have expanded our global operations to includeBristol, Jersey, London Gatwick, London Heathrow, London Southend,Jersey, East Midlands, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Norwich, London Stansted,Exeter, Bodo, Bergen, Johannesburg, Palma, Palermo and PuertoRico.

Singapore, our newest base, opened earlier this year and hasrecently seen the introduction of a brand new livery on the aircraftbase there.

Passenger and cargo flights are available from most bases with moredetails available at our web site.


On the topic of liveries supporting our "mainstream" and "Jersey"liveries we have a fantastic "Kalahari" livery used on aircraft basedat Johannesburg with our Norway based aircraft entering the paintshopto receive their very own "Norge" livery as seen currently on our A321Aircraft Fleet. Our Caribbean aircraft fleet, flying from PuertoRico, also fly in their own colours. As we are a twenty year oldvirtual airline we also have our very own "retro" liveries as seen onour aircraft in the early 2000's.

There is much more to our virtual airline than we can explain inthis Press Release so we do encourage you to take a look at our website and understand more about our character, history and how we canenhance your enjoyment of this fabulous hobby.


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