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2019 Flight Simulator Survey Results Published


What is the most popular flight simulation software? How many areplanning to get the upcoming Microsoft Flight Simulator? How much doflight simulator enthusiasts spend on hardware and software everyyear? These were some of the questions that we set out to answer inthis year's edition of the FlightSim Community Survey. The turnout wasbetter than ever and we are very happy with the results.

The survey consisted of 93 questions and covered demographics,relation to aviation, simulator habits, consumption habits, thesimulator platform itself, some questions on media and communityparticipation, and of course questions on aircraft and addonsoftware. We dare to say that this is the most comprehensive survey ofits kind both in terms of questions and number ofrespondents. Obviously we can't cover all of the results in this blogpost, but if you are interested please download the full reporthere.

The report is shared openly with the community for everyone'sbenefit. The primary purpose of the survey is to provide theparticipating partners with information about the flight simulationcommunity.

Download complete survey
Read the survey blog

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