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Transcontinental Airmail Centenary Rally


Bluegrass and WestWind Airlines are running a rally in September tocelebrate the centenary of the first Transcontinental Air Mail servicefrom New York to San Francisco.

The rally consists of 10 daily legs. Flight information will bemade available for FS2004, FSX, P3D and X-Plane. Details of theflights are provided so that anyone with a different simulator canmake up their own flight plans.

Many of the landing fields that were used in 1920 no longer existtoday. We have used airfields in flight simulators that are close tothose mentioned in a set of Pilot's Notes from 1921.

The rally will officially run from September 1st until September 30th.

You may select any propeller driven aircraft of your choice, be itdefault, freeware or payware suited to your simulator.

The event is not a race, each participant is asked to complete asimple test flight at their chosen cruise speed for their selectedaircraft. Individual scores will then be calculated on the accuracy ofmatching target times set for each entry.

Flight plans and test flight information for the rally are beingreleased during August.

This will allow time to choose an aircraft and practise the testflight time to submit with registration details.

For updates, further information and questions please visitwww.bluegrassairlines.comand click on the TACR link.

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