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TopSkills Updates Power Video


TopSkills, publisher of self-learning videos for home flightsimmers, has updated its popular tutorial video: Managing YourPower.

This self-learning video shows how to simulate flight like a realpilot by properly using propellers, fuel mixture, cowl flaps, andcarburetor heat. Flight simmers will see the types of propellers andthe advantages of adjusting pitch. They will learn about atmosphericconditions that mandate enriching and leaning fuel mixture, openingand closing cowl flaps, and applying carburetor heat. Definitions,principles, and methods are explained in a clear, easy to followmanner with simultaneous images and animations. This Version 2 hasbeen updated with more details, enhanced audio, and improved videoformat. A supporting document with tables for Microsoft'spropeller-driven aircraft is included as a bonus. These additions andimprovements enhance users' abilities to learn important simulationskills by themselves.

A detailed description and sample video areavailable here.

This and other videos and books from TopSkills are available from theFlightSim.Com Store.

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