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OnCourse Software - PF3 - ATC At Its Best!


Fully supported IFR and VFR flights plus our own VFR Free Flightmode, especially developed to let you enjoy the breathtaking world inMSFS whilst providing ATC when you need it. With 119 voice sets,covering the 26 geographic regions in the PF3 world, the level ofimmersion provided by our tried and tested ATC program isoutstanding.

PF3 monitors ground AI traffic as you taxi to/from the runway toensure there are no conflicts. Also keeps AI aircraft off the runwayduring landing/takeoff and maintains separation during yourapproach. Can be used with most voice recognition programs and worksseamlessly with MCE. Comes complete with its own unique radioenhancement voice packs.

ATC control boundaries have been completely revamped, providingmore accurate handoffs. Supports alternate airports, which you candivert to for whatever reason. Also supports emergency situations anddiverting to the nearest suitable airport en-route. SID/STARfunctionality has been extensively extended to allow even moreflexibility.

Comes complete with our FREE PF3 Display, Remote Text and RemoteRadio Stack utilities. Also supports Project Magenta's Boeing typeMCP. All this and our own hosted forum to provide you with supportthat is second to none. Not only that but we also offer ‘Try beforeyou buy’. In fact we insist you try the PF3 Demo program beforepurchasing PF3 – ATC at its best.

Works with MSFS, P3D (all versions), FSX and FSX Steam Edition andFS2004.

Purchase OnCourse Software - PF - ATC At Its Best!

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