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Navigraph Announces Simmers Without Borders


Donate computing power to speed up the search for a coronavirus(COVID-19) vaccine.

No one can do everything, but everyone can do something! A group ofdevelopers at Navigraph have started a pro bono initiative invitingall members of the international flight simulation community to donatecomputing power to speed up the search for a vaccine against thecoronavirus (COVID-19). The project is called Simmers Without Bordersand is open for anyone in the flight simulation community -individuals, as well as organizations and companies. See this web sitefor more information:simmerswithoutborders.org

The project wants to encourage members of the flightsim communityto download a distributed computing client which connects to theestablished research project "folding@home" run by the Bowman Lab inSt. Louis School of Medicine at Washington University. The clientdownloads a small part of a bigger research problem and uses theavailable computing power to crunch the numbers and return the resultsto the lab. At the lab, the results are compiled together with resultsfrom other contributing clients into the final solution of a proteindynamics simulation which ultimately contributes to speeding up theresearch for a vaccine against the Coronavirus.

"If there is something flight simulation enthusiasts have inabundance it's computing power." says Magnus Axholt, co-founder ofNavigraph. He is referring to the multicore CPUs and powerful GPUswhich are common in computers designed for gaming and simulation. "Asmuch as we would like, we can't always be up in the air. When we arenot flying, we can set our powerful computers to do work forresearch." Magnus continues.

To track progress, you are urged to enter the Team ID 245628corresponding to Simmers Without Borders into your clientsoftware. All the work your computer does will count towards this TeamID and you will be able to follow the progress not only of yourcomputer, but also that of other computers in the flightsim community,and that of other communities in the research project as awhole. Leaderboards are available onSimmersWithoutBorders.orgas well as onfoldingathome.org.

"Let's show the world what the flight simulation community can do!"finishes Magnus in a video that was recently put online which alsocontains more information on what protein folding really is.

To start donating your computing power to speed up the search for acoronavirus vaccine - go toSimmersWithoutBorders.org

Magnus Axholt

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