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iFMS 3.0 Has Been Released


I'm happy to announce that iFMS has now been released and isavailable on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Apart from the underlying graphics engine having been completelyredesigned, some of the new features in this new version include:

  • Brand new more realistic FMC
  • EGPWS capcability
  • Terrain view on MFD
  • Map and Plan centered modes
  • LNAV and VNAV performance inprovements
  • Custom screen layout allows users to configure size and position of individual screens
  • Programmed flight plan now visible on X-Plane MFD
  • Allowance for latest navigraph data updates (no size limitations)

What Is iFMS?

iFMS will provide you with a nearly fully functional "Boeing style"Flight Management System, A Primary Flight Display, Navigation Displayand a number of 2 or 4 engine EICAS displays on your Android device,iPhone, iPad or iPod. Build your very own home cockpit using only afew mobile devices and connect to any of the popular Flight Simulatorsover your local network. iFMS can be configured for use with almostany of your favorite Flight Simulator's standard or add-on aircraft.A number of default aircraft configutation files are included but youcan easily make your own and download them to your iFMS either throughiTunes on iOS devices or through file explorer on Android devices.

Michael De Feyter
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