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HJG 2022 December/Christmas Releases


HJG (Historic Jetliners Group) have pleasure announcing anotherwebsite update .... this time in relation to its December/Christmas2022 releases which are this year composed of some 106 "NEW" and"UPDATED" files for both FS2004 and FSX.

63X of these latest releases are texture files for the HJG hostedB717-200, B737, BAe 146/ARJ, CV990, DC-8, DC-9, DC-10, L-1011 TRISTAR,MD-80 flight line and the DMFS HS121 TRIDENT simulations .... composedof liveries from Australia, Brasil, the Caribbean, Colombia, Cyprus,Ecuador, France, Germany, Iceland, Iraq, Ireland, Kuwait, Luxembourg,Mexico, the Netherlands, Peru, Spain, Switzerland, the UK, the USA andAlaska, and Venezuela .... spanning mid 1960's until present daycarriers and among which scheduled PAX and cargo/charter operators, ademonstrator aircraft in its rare house colours, a scientific researchaircraft still flown by a major US government agency today, and somerare leases in both interim as well as hybrid identities are allrepresented.

As is usually the case with HJG though .... there's "MORE" ....

After some 1.5 years of re-development work new DC-8 3D models havenow been released ....

In addition to this the HJG CV990 flight line has undergone aconservative FDE update too .... and "NEW" HQ sound packs customizedfor its CV880's and CV990's (compiled by Benoit PLAMONDON and offeredas separate FS9 and FSX specific audio) have also now beenreleased.

"ALL THIS" .... and "A GREAT DEAL MORE STILL" .... is available for "FREE" download from the HJG website which is located at the following address:


For further information concerning the content of this HJGDecember/Christmas release (including a post announcement/lateaddition "3D model Service Pack update for its new DC-8's") pleaserefer to the groups following-linked forum announcement ....


HJG thanks the international FS community for its much appreciatedsupport and encouragement throughout 2022 and take this opportunity towish everyone "a happy Christmas and pleasant transition into 2023".... and with equally sincere wishes for everyone's future comfort,security, and continued FS enjoyment.

HJG Christmas Message

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