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HJG 2021 December/Christmas Releases


HJG (Historic Jetliners Group) have pleasure announcing itsDecember/Christmas 2021 releases .... per separate "PART 1" and "PART2" installments this year.

This HJG web site update is composed of some 152 "NEW" and"UPDATED" files.

109X of these are "NEW" texture files for the HJG hosted B717-200,B727, B737, DC-9, DC-10, KC-135R, MD-80 flight line, and for the nowHJG hosted DMFS BAC ONE-ELEVEN, TRIDENT, and VC10 simulations also.... among which a rare split-liveried DC-10; a selection of 1960'sera classic US liveries for BAC ONE-ELEVEN's featuring as "WHAT IF/IFONLY" concepts; and a brand new MD-88SF livery and customized aircraftbase pack/FDE representing an aircraft which has only just enteredservice (the first of its type) during these past several days.

Also included within this release are 4X "NEW" aircraft base packsaccompanied by a total of 11X "NEW" textures; 10X "ENHANCED" FDEsuites; 6X "FIXED/REPAIRED" panels; along with 20X "NEW" sound packs(offered as separate FS2004 and FSX specific audio) .... eachcustomized for the HJG hosted DMFS BAC ONE-ELEVEN, DH106 COMET, HS121TRIDENT, and VC10/C1K simulations.

Given the far greater than normal global coverage represented bytexture content within this particular release, referring to it asanother HJG league of nations is an understatement .... whilstreference to it as being another colorful HJG passage through time andcivil aviation history, is more practical but hardly conveys animpression of the variety included within this latest release. Eitherway this HJG web site update "IS" composed of such an extensiveassortment of "NEW" and "UPDATED" files there's bound to be somethingof interest to most, and that'll hopefully provide hours of pleasurefor, most FS2004 and FSX users.

For more information concerning these latest HJG releases kindlyrefer to the following 2 official announcements:


"ALL THIS" .... and "A GREAT DEAL MORE" .... is available for"FREE" download from the HJG web site located at the followingaddress:


HJG thanks the international FS community for its much appreciatedsupport and encouragement throughout this challenging 2021 year.... and take this opportunity to wish everyone "the best possibleChristmas and transition into the 2022 FS year" .... with sincerehopes and best wishes for everyone's future comfort and security.

Mark Cranston
HJG/Historic Jetliners Group
Auckland, New Zealand

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