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FlightSim Community 2020 Survey Results


It’s that time of the year again when Navigraph releases the annualflight simulation community survey - and what a year it has been!There are three new flight simulators released: Lockheed MartinPrepar3D version 5 in April, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 inAugust, and Laminar Research X-Plane 11.50 in September. How have theybeen received so far? Which flight simulator platform is the mostpopular? Read on to find the complete report, the survey dataset andsome highlights from the results.

We had a fantastic turnout this year. In 2018 we had 15,000respondents. Last year we had 17,800 respondents, but this year anamazing 23,500 respondents provided us with the data that we now giveback to you in the form of this video, and a free survey report of 120pages which you can download here. This year we are also doingsomething really special to further amplify the collaborative natureof this survey. We are making all of the data we collected availablefor free for anyone that wants to do analyses of their own. You willfind the dataset here. Just make sure you share any findings with thecommunity under the hashtag #flightsimsurveyanalysis

With 23,500 respondents, 119 questions and 30 partners theFlightSim Community Survey by Navigraph is the biggest and mostcomprehensive survey of its kind. The primary purpose of the survey isto provide the participating partners with information about theflight simulation community so that they are better able to:

  • recruit new pilots to the flight simulation community
  • develop products and services in response to pilots’ needs and requests

The secondary purpose of the survey is to provide all members ofthe flight simulation community with information so that they arebetter able to:

  • find resources to develop their flight simulation interest
  • maintain and develop the community

The report, graphs and video are shared openly with the communityfor everyone’s benefit. We only ask that you credit Navigraph and keepthe CC BY-SA 4.0 license of any derivative work.


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