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DC3 Airways Plans Recreation Of Berlin Airlift


Beginning Tuesday February 1, 2022, and continuing for a total of12 events, DC3 AIRWAYS (http://www.Dc3airways.net) will stage a virtualrecreation of The Berlin Airlift. This will be the 6th time in thepast several years for this popular air simulation event.

Designed and directed by DCA Vice President Glen Broome thesemultiplayer sessions will trace the chronology of the 1948/49 Berlinairlift, following the same approach procedures and the same routesused to supply the population of West Berlin following the impositionof the Soviet blockade in June 1948.

A total of 14 airfields will be used, sometimes in fog orthunderstorms, sometimes at night. In sessions involving perhaps 20 ormore pilots flying on a Multi Play platform, we will adhere as far aspossible to the conditions and events of that period.

Much of the scenery that is now available creates new airfields innear photographic quality, such as EDUG Gatow. In other cases,airfields will be realistically rendered both in terms of buildingsand runways/aprons/taxiways. ATC communication will be providedthrough TeamSpeak and visual communication will be achieved via Swiftsoftware, the preferred MP software for VATSIM. Please note thatVATSIM is not involved in this project, and membership is notrequired.

Pilots will deal with weather conditions as they existed for theactual Berlin Airlift flights. Not only that, but enemy flak and firefrom Russian fighter planes of the period is likely to be encounteredby pilots who stray from the designated air corridors into and out ofBerlin.

For those of you who participated before, the challenge will befamiliar. For those of you new to DC3 Airways and multiplayer inparticular ... welcome ... you will experience flight simulation to anew level in this series both as regards traffic, approaches andweather. It is also a means to commemorate the events and thededication of all those involved in keeping Berlin free in thetroubled times post WWII.

For more information, and to sign up for participation, visithttp://www.Dc3airways.net. You need not be a DCA pilot to participate, thoughyou are always welcome to join us. This event is open to allsimulation platforms. Software to take part as well as details on howto join our MP flights for visual and audio communications will beprovided.

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