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Where in the World Feature 132

Number 131 was a chance to revisit a location from early on in theWhere in the World history (I think it was number 13?) Only a veryfew even attempted to guess at that point in time but we had many moreturn out and identify ... Mt. Cook, New Zealand this time around.It's a great success thanks to those who guessed:

/images/features/where132/t/witw-131-simmerdude.jpg   /images/features/where132/t/witw-131-answer.jpg
Charlie Aron
Dick Bronson
Ted Freeman
John Chen
Michael Polley
Dominic Smith
Dieter Mennecke
Philippe Knockaert
Christian Bachmann
John Thomson
Scott Simmons
Rolf HA_ckel
Randy Ahlfinger
Stephen Floyd
Sergio Almendra
Thomas Oftedal
Dennis Knight
Thomas Pedersen
Christian Grimsel
Des Holden
Robert Smyth
Rob Labbe
Reid Gearhart
Peter Ham
Lyndon Nelson
Matthias Schaper
Scott Carpenter
Melo Scanlon

/images/features/where132/t/witw131_answer.jpg   /images/features/where132/t/image131.jpg

Some other locations, unluckily wrong however:

  • Mammoth-Yosemite, CA
  • Queenstown, NZ
  • Christchurch, NZ
  • La Paz, BOL
  • Salt Lake City, UT
  • Mt. Pumori, NEP

Feature number 132 is from Rainer Struck in Berlin. He writes,"[Way back when,] we happened to touch down at this remote destination, literally in the middle of no-where. The place had a kind of steppe landscape with bushes, brush and a few (planted?) trees but certainly not that lush green rainforest as MS-FSX depicts. Though it was only a short stoppover we enjoyed the local scenery and watched the refuelling of our aircraft."




Where in the world are we?

Send guesses to:cubflounder@gmail.com

We also need some new locations so get on that and PLEASE send inyour suggestions.

Ron Blehm
Email 1: cubflounder@gmail.com
Email 2: pretendpilot@yahoo.com
Insta: @flyinflounder

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