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Where in the World Feature 128

Joe Graf submitted photos from La Sauveniere (EBSP) Spa,Belgium which was an important depot during the Battle ofthe Bulge in World War 2. US Supply troops evacuated some 3 Million gallons of gasoline, which the Germans had hopedto use, from the Spa-Stavelot area!

All of our brave history buffs:

Paul Kiver
Charlie Aron
Scott Brandenburg
Reid Gearhart
Jim Schein
Scott Carpenter
Joe Bowers
Patrick Asquinazi
Robert Smyth
Lyndon Nelson
Steve Garland
Thomas Pedersen
Dick Bronson
Greg Nangle
Bob Bina
Rolf Hackel
Steve Morley
Daniel Kittler
Christian Bachmann
Mateusz Mucha
Edwin Lee
Devin Mutschler
David Vega
Thomas Oftedal
Stephen Floyd
John Chen
Otto Hans Nitsch
Melo Scanlon
Mike Guttman

/images/features/where128/t/witw_127-1.jpg   /images/features/where128/t/witw_127-2.jpg

/images/features/where128/t/witw_127-2020.jpg   /images/features/where128/t/witw_127-3.jpg

/images/features/where128/t/witw_127-l2.jpg   /images/features/where128/t/witw_127-overlay.jpg

/images/features/where128/t/witw_127-real.jpg   /images/features/where128/t/witw_127_enhanced.jpg

One: Loving the FS2020 screen shots; probably can't share them all!

Two: For those wanting more, it was recommended that you lookfor some scenery add-ons by Peter Hermans.

Some incorrect locations offered:

  • Berlin, GER
  • Verviers-Theux, BEL

Onward then to feature #128 from Mike Guttman who writes,"This Northeast US Regional Airport serves the state's largest city. Both the State's name and the US National Guard squadron stationed at this airport bear tribute to a prominent mountain range, of which its highest peak is clearly visible from the airport."

/images/features/where128/t/witw128_airport.jpg   /images/features/where128/t/witw128_overview.jpg

/images/features/where128/t/witw128_sim-cockpit.jpg   /images/features/where128/t/witw128_sim.jpg

Where in the US of A are we this time?

Send guesses and future suggestions to:cubflounder@gmail.com

Ron Blehm

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