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Where in the World Feature 124

Okay, the DC-3 photo was VERY CONFUSING as that was an answer fornumber 122 in the Aleutian Islands! I was late to get this in and wasrushing about and did not properly identify that photo as being forthe PRIOR feature! Totally my bad.



Feature number 123 was Arequipa, Peru, at more than 8,300 feetabove sea level it is a challenging approach and with the toweringMisti Volcano very near by, you probably wouldn't want to departeastbound! So landing eastbound toward the volcano, departingwestbound toward the ocean. (Interestingly only ... 83 miles or sofrom the ocean so on average you are gaining a thousand feet ofterrain per mile!)

/images/features/where124/t/witw123_answer_clive.jpg   /images/features/where124/t/witw123_answer_paul.jpg

Those who guessed:

Charlie Aron
Reid Gearhart
Bob Bina
Tim Wright
Clive Saville
Joe Bowers
Dick Bronson
Gerard Guichard
Mateusz Mucha
Mark C. Bryant
Steven Elk
Bastian Blinten
Graeme Nowland
Scott Simmons
Aaron Casas
Roger Wensley
Thomas Pedersen
Ulf Kristoffersson
Gary Sheppard
Randy Ahlfinger
John Chesher
Gordon Ballay
Larry Sharer
Steve Morley
Paul Kiver
Markus Fass
Stefan Gatzke
David Vega
Christian Bachmann
Steve Garland
Jeff Cybulski
Mike Guttman
Eric T.
P. Howard
Paul Close
Scott Carpenter
Thomas Oftedal
Kevin Hall
Melo Scanlon
Michael Polley
Fred Hilerio

/images/features/where124/t/witw123_sim_answer.jpg   /images/features/where124/t/witw123_sim_answer2.jpg

Some other high (but wrong) locations:

  • Mataveri International on Easter Island
  • Cuzco, Peru (we've been there before)
  • Ayacucho, Peru (SPHO)
  • "Somewhere in Ecuador"
  • San Bernardo, Columbia (SKMP)

Feature number 124...alright, talk about stepping up; I think you guys have submitted enough to last for all of 2020!THANK YOU!

Let's do this, and I'm sorry if you needed your suggestion topost up right away; I'm going to post these in alphabetical orderby FIRST NAME. So, Feature Number 124 is from David Vega whowrites, "This airport has an interesting name. It's a famous namebut when you hear it you'll be thinking of the place in the Caribbean and that's not the one we're looking for!"

Photos from a P3D add-on and default FSX.

/images/features/where124/t/witw124_fsx.jpg   /images/features/where124/t/124_real.jpg

/images/features/where124/t/witw124_p3d-1.jpg   /images/features/where124/t/witw124_p3d-2.jpg

One more hint might be, 117.70.

Send guesses and future suggestions to:cubflounder@gmail.com

Sometimes hints may appear on:YouTube.com/user/pretendpilot

Ron Blehm

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