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What Settings Do I Use in the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Preview Build?


What Settings Do I Use in the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Preview Build?

By MrYorkiesWorld

Today's short video will be showingoff the settings that I currently use in the preview build ofMicrosoft Flight Simulator.

Please note: Although it is everyone's expectation to be able tomax out settings in this simulator using a 2080ti, we do sometimes runback into the same issues we did with P3D and X-Plane which is stutteramong other things (at least in my case).

Please also bear in mind the use of AA. Even with a 2080ti, 1080pneeds the use of AA to get the best visual quality, which can reduceperformance further regardless of the type of GPU.


The key is to balance the settings so that you can great quality,but also smooth frame rates, and low temperatures to prolong the lifeof the GPU. In my case, this is the balance that works well for mecurrently in this preview version of the sim.

Another thing to take into account is that this is the base versionof the simulator, and still a preview at that. Most people will likelyneed to turn back their settings once third part add-ons such as Orbxscenery, PMDG aircraft, etc. start to be released.

This video, along with the others on my channel that feature thesim can be used as a general guide as to roughly what to expect fromthe final release version of the simulator, both in terms ofperformance based on the settings shown and my hardware. Howeverplease bear in mind that things can change dramatically between nowand the 18th of August 2020, and so the performance you see in thisPreview Build using these settings might be completely different towhat you see in the final version.

For all of my settings, configs and general information, please seemy web site.


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