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VFR Circuit Around Catania Sicily in Microsoft Flight Simulator


VFR Circuit Around Catania Sicily in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

By MrYorkiesWorld

Hello guys my name isMrYorkiesWorld...we are on the ground at Catania in Sicily, runway 26to be exact, and the airport ICL for this particular airport is LimaIndia Charlie Charlie, and we're in the Cessna 172.

Today's video is going to be very very simple. We've got a nicelittle route set up, a nice VFR route. I'm going to take off here fromrunway 26 and then I'm going to enable at the top here, the AI controlto control the aircraft and take us on our route so that we can have agood look around and see the beautiful Sicily.


I'm going to be going through the city of Catania as well, and thenover to the coastline following the coast back into this particularairport Catania, so it should be pretty nice. My geography isabsolutely terrible, so if I am pronouncing it wrong or saying itwrong, or something else, just feel free to correct me in thecomments.

This is the first proper sort of flight with a start andfinish to it rather than just showing off an area and that being it,so it's pretty exciting. Hopefully this video will be a little bitlonger for those of you who like the longer videos as well, so let'sget into the cockpit...



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