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Tutorial: FAA Exam: ILS Rate Of Descent Required


FAA Exam: Rate Of Descent Required

By thecorporatepilotdad

This video shows how to determine the rate of descent required to become established on the glide slope on an ILS approach. The climb and descent table is used, but also two methods for figuring the estimated rate of descent to maintain a 3 degree glide path is also shown. These methods are demonstrated with the use of Microsoft Flight Simulator as a visual aid.

This is one of the types of questions on the FAA Instrument Written exam.


Note: In general, an ILS has a glide slope and a RNAV (GPS) approach has a glide path. These two words were used interchangeably on the test question.



Youtube channel
The Corporate Pilot Guys Podcast

About The Author

This video is produced by thecorporatepilotdad. He has been a FlightSim.Com member for close to twenty years and using Flight Simulator since back in the day of FS98 and FS2000. He is also a professional pilot with over 7000 hours of real world flight experience ranging from Cessna 152s to super-mid size business jets.

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