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Tutorial: CJ4 Systems and Avionics Explained


Tutorial: CJ4 Systems and Avionics Explained

By thecorporatepilotdad

thecorporatepilotdad, a real world corporate pilot, explains the Citation CJ4 systems for use in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. This tutorial is very in depth and covers aircraft general, electrical, avionics, lighting, gear and flaps, CAS system, engine start, and operational tips.


The CJ4 with the Working Title Mod is used in this video. I also give real world operational tips for various phases of flight including setting power for cruise and power settings for certain airspeeds. There are a few cool tricks throughout the video as well.



Youtube channel

Get the Working Title CJ4 here

About The Author

This video is produced by thecorporatepilotdad. He has been a FlightSim.Com member for close to twenty years and using Flight Simulator since back in the day of FS98 and FS2000. He is also a professional pilot with over 7000 hours of real world flight experience ranging from Cessna 152s to super-mid size business jets.

About The Working Title CJ4 Mod

This mod aims to modify the default CJ4 to genuinely represent the true capabilities, functions and features of the real aircraft. This mod will continue to be developed over time to add further functionality.

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