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Review: Orbx London City Airport For MSFS

Review: Orbx London City Airport For MSFS

By MrYorkiesWorld

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Hello there guys, my name isMrYorkiesWorld, welcome back to the channel, and welcome to my reviewof the new Orbx London City Airport for Microsoft FlightSimulator.

It's a fantastically detailed piece of scenery from Orbx that I'mvery excited to review, and I'd like to thank my good friend Dom Smithover at FlightSim.com for making this video possible by providing mewith a copy of the scenery.

London City Airport is an international airport in London,England. It is located in the Royal Docks in the London Borough ofNewham, approximately 7 miles east of the City of London and a shorterdistance east of Canary Wharf.

So without further ado, let's get into the review.

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Now I'm going to jump straight into the performance because this isprobably one of the main things everyone is going to be looking forwhen they consider buying this scenery. I'm happy to say that based onmy hardware; a 2080Ti and an i9-9900K with 32GB of RAM, this airportactually runs really well.

I think it's important to note that every system is different, andthe 2080Ti is now considered to be a previous-gen GPU since the recentannouncement of the RTX 30 series from Nvidia. Chances are you'll seeeven better performance with the RTX 30 series GPUs, but even with a2080Ti, performance and visuals are still really good.

On various different test flights in aircraft such as the A320, the787-10 and the Cessna 172, I was able to get between 45 - 60FPS, whichI consider to be really good. The one thing to bear in mind though, isthat this was using stock aircraft, and not something complex such asa PMDG model which we will see making its way to the sim in thefuture.

Overall though, I was definitely impressed with theperformance. It's a lot better than what we've seen in previoussimulators, so definitely a thumbs up from me.

/images/reviews/orbxcity/t/orbx-london-city-msfs-07.jpg   /images/reviews/orbxcity/t/orbx-london-city-msfs-08.jpg

/images/reviews/orbxcity/t/orbx-london-city-msfs-09.jpg   /images/reviews/orbxcity/t/orbx-london-city-msfs-10.jpg

Night Lighting

Lighting effects from early evening to early morning lookspectacular as always in Flight Simulator 2020, and there doesn't seemto be much of a drop in texture quality either during this time. I wasalso pleased to see that there were no texture bugs present (somethingI've experienced on other platforms).

The dynamic lighting at night looks nice, although it's possibly alittle darker than what you'd actually experience in the realworld. However, this is a simulator and not real life, so I'm notreally bothered about it personally.

Graphics, Textures And Models

From a graphics and texture viewpoint, the scenery is really quitegood, although I did notice the quality of text on the airport namewas rather poor when zooming in. Maybe this could be improved on infuture updates, but when you're flying over this airport or coming into land, its really not that noticeable (unless you happen to crashinto it).

/images/reviews/orbxcity/t/orbx-london-city-msfs-11.jpg   /images/reviews/orbxcity/t/orbx-london-city-msfs-12.jpg

/images/reviews/orbxcity/t/orbx-london-city-msfs-13.jpg   /images/reviews/orbxcity/t/orbx-london-city-msfs-14.jpg

One glitch I did notice though, was a railway bridge that appearedto go straight through one of the buildings, which isn't veryrealistic. Maybe this is something else that Orbx can take a look atin their next update for the scenery.

Again, I had to actually get the drone camera out to be able tonotice this, so there's a good chance you wouldn't really see itanyway, but it's definitely worth pointing out.

The runway looks nice, but maybe slightly blurry up close - againthis is something I'm sure Orbx will be able to improve on overtime.

I really liked the ground models situated around the airport, suchas the static aircraft and apron objects. They all looked prettyaccurate and definitely detailed enough to pass as realistic. OverallI think the models and textures in this airport are prettyimpressive.

/images/reviews/orbxcity/t/orbx-london-city-msfs-15.jpg   /images/reviews/orbxcity/t/orbx-london-city-msfs-16.jpg

/images/reviews/orbxcity/t/orbx-london-city-msfs-17.jpg   /images/reviews/orbxcity/t/orbx-london-city-msfs-18.jpg


So when we talk about accuracy, generally we mean what this airportlooks like when compared to its real-world counterpart. Obviouslywe're dealing with a new type of technology here that Microsoft areusing to model their scenery, and Orbx seem to be trying their best todesign their own scenery to fit into it.

There are a few discrepancies which you'll notice - one of thembeing the aforementioned railway track going through one of thebuildings, but truth be told, I'm not sure whether this is a problemon Orbx' part, Microsoft's, or a combination of both.

Overall though, things appear to be about where they should be inreal life, and so I think Orbx have done a good job here. In sayingthat, if the issues encountered are due to the scenery, then I wouldhope that Orbx would issue a fix/patch to rectify them.

Price Point And Marketplace

So at the time of making this review, the price for Orbx LondonCity Airport is £11.57 GBP, which I think is a very reasonableprice for what you get - perhaps too reasonable. The scenery isavailable from either Orbx directly, or from within the simulator(Marketplace).

/images/reviews/orbxcity/t/orbx-london-city-msfs-19.jpg   /images/reviews/orbxcity/t/orbx-london-city-msfs-20.jpg

/images/reviews/orbxcity/t/orbx-london-city-msfs-21.jpg   /images/reviews/orbxcity/t/orbx-london-city-msfs-22.jpg

Final Verdict

I have to say, that overall (even with the minor issuesencountered), I was really impressed with Orbx' rendition of LondonCity Airport; you definitely get your moneys worth. With any luck,sometime in the near future, Orbx will update the scenery so as tomake it even more appealing.

As I say to everyone, it's very important to keep in mind thatFlight Simulator 2020 is a new platform. The issues we see right now,will (hopefully) be sorted out. Both X-Plane and P3D went through asimilar experience, so I'm pretty sure the same can be said for FlightSimulator 2020.


Purchase Orbx - EGLC London City Airport for MSFS

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