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Review: Drzewiecki Design - UUEE Moscow Sheremetyevo MSFS

UUEE Moscow Sheremetyevo

Publisher: Drzewiecki Design

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Hello again everyone, my name is Jay(AKA MrYorkiesWorld) with yet another product review for MicrosoftFlight Simulator. Today I'm going to be reviewing Drzewiecki Design -Moscow UUEE for MSFS.

I'd like to thank my good friend Dom Smith over at FlightSim.Comfor providing a copy of this scenery for me to review. It's probablyone of the bigger sceneries that I've reviewed so far with a lot ofcomplexity to it, and I'm very excited to get into things and to tellyou about this awesome piece of scenery.

About The Airport

Moscow UUEE is currently the busiest airport in Russia, and thefifth busiest airport in Europe with around six or seven terminals intotal. You'll find both cargo flights and passenger flights travellingto and from many places around the world, including places such asSpain, Amsterdam and even New York.

/images/reviews/drzeuuee/t/drzewiecki-moscow-uuee-20.jpg   /images/reviews/drzeuuee/t/drzewiecki-moscow-uuee-21.jpg

/images/reviews/drzeuuee/t/drzewiecki-moscow-uuee-03.jpg   /images/reviews/drzeuuee/t/drzewiecki-moscow-uuee-04.jpg

The airport can be accessed via road, rail, and bus, and even hasits own underground Automated Passenger Transportation System whichlets you get to and from the different terminals in the airportitself. This system isn't just limited to passengers however - thereis also a separate tunnel underground used for Automated BaggageTransport.

The airport itself was opened on the 11th of August 1959, and in2017, the airport handled over 40 million passengers, and over 308,000aircraft movements.

Features, Graphics And Modelling

So, jumping into the simulator, let's look at some of the visualsin this awesome piece of scenery. Many of the images I've captured arein 1080p, although I will also try to include some 4K screen shots ofthe scenery as they really help bring out those additional detailsthat are included.

/images/reviews/drzeuuee/t/drzewiecki-moscow-uuee-05.jpg   /images/reviews/drzeuuee/t/drzewiecki-moscow-uuee-06.jpg

The terminal buildings are well modelled, and the textures seem tobe spot on. They look good, are clear and sharp, and they seem tomatch up pretty well with what you'd see in the real world, which isalways nice to see. Obviously, I'm using the latest version of the simwith Sim Update 5 and Hotfix 2, and for the most part the graphics andtextures look really good.

In terms of official information from Drzewiecki Design, we have the following important points:

  • High quality model of UUEE Sheremetyevo airport in Moscow
  • Extensive though performance-friendly interior modelling at mostterminal buildings, control towers and hangars
  • FPS-friendly design, with epic night textures, dynamic lightingand PBR materials
  • High-definition mesh including exact runway profile
  • A variety of static aircraft, advanced night lighting, customanimations, custom animated jetways, animated trains, 3D people

/images/reviews/drzeuuee/t/drzewiecki-moscow-uuee-07.jpg   /images/reviews/drzeuuee/t/drzewiecki-moscow-uuee-08.jpg

Having flown in and around this airport in the sim for quite sometime, I can verify that the modelling of UUEE is indeed very highquality, and the runway profile appears to be perfectly in-line withthat of its real-world counterpart. The dynamic lights and PBRmaterials seem accurate, and the night textures are truly amazing andvery realistic.


Moving on to performance... I've recently upgraded to 4K graphics,and I found that I could quite easily get between 30 and 40 fpsdepending on where I was on the ground. On approach I was gettinganywhere between 35 and 45 fps in 4K, and so I expect that 1080p wouldallow for frame rates up to 60 fps based on the performance we'reseeing in Sim Update 5 right now.

In some cases, I did see a bit of stutter or lag, but again, thiswas mainly whilst running the sim in 4K, and so 1080p saw a lot lessof this overall.

/images/reviews/drzeuuee/t/drzewiecki-moscow-uuee-09.jpg   /images/reviews/drzeuuee/t/drzewiecki-moscow-uuee-10.jpg

/images/reviews/drzeuuee/t/drzewiecki-moscow-uuee-22.jpg   /images/reviews/drzeuuee/t/drzewiecki-moscow-uuee-23.jpg

One thing to note throughout this review are my system specs. I'mcurrently using an Intel Core i9 9900k, along with the RTX 2080Ti and32 GB of RAM. As such, it's likely we'd see better frame rates on the30 series GPUs, especially in 4K.

Night Lighting

As expected, this scenery looks brilliant during the night. Thedynamic lights are all there, and the textures and reflections stilllook as good as they did during the day. I was really impressed by how"alive" the airport looks, and as per the features list, the lightingdoes indeed look epic!

A lot of sceneries can look a little grainy at night, and as such,can lose some of their quality, but I can safely say that was not thecase for me with Drzewiecki Design's rendition of MoscowSheremetyevo. The taxiway markings, runway textures and reflectionsall looked perfect, and I didn't notice any grainy textures at all,which was an added bonus.

/images/reviews/drzeuuee/t/drzewiecki-moscow-uuee-24.jpg   /images/reviews/drzeuuee/t/drzewiecki-moscow-uuee-25.jpg

/images/reviews/drzeuuee/t/drzewiecki-moscow-uuee-11.jpg   /images/reviews/drzeuuee/t/drzewiecki-moscow-uuee-13.jpg


As far as accuracy goes, I was really impressed with what thedevelopers had managed to achieve. The airport seems pretty close towhat it looks like in real life, especially when checked with eitherGoogle or Bing Maps, which is always reassuring. There might be theodd building here and there that doesn't look identical to itsreal-life counterpart, or indeed some that are missing, but in myopinion, most things look pretty good in this scenery. So, in terms ofaccuracy, I didn't notice any major issues.

Price And Final Verdict

At time of writing, you can pick up this amazing piece of sceneryfor $24, which is around £17.32, and which is more thanacceptable in my opinion. If you're looking for a great piece ofscenery to bring Moscow UUEE to life, then Drzewiecki Design'srendition is the way to go. You can pick the scenery up from theFlightSim.com Store, or from other online vendors such asAerosoft.

/images/reviews/drzeuuee/t/drzewiecki-moscow-uuee-01.jpg   /images/reviews/drzeuuee/t/drzewiecki-moscow-uuee-02.jpg

Again, I'd like to thank my good friend Dom Smith over atFlightSim.Com for providing me with this scenery for review. Thanksvery much for reading guys and I'll catch up with you in the nextreview!




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