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Review: Captain Sim Boeing 767 II for Prepar3D

Review: Captain Sim Boeing 767 II for P3D V4 & V5

By Alex Dickinson



Hello everyone, welcome back toanother one of my reviews. Today we are going to be looking at theCaptain Sim 767 Version 2 for P3D V4 and V5. I was very keen to reviewthis model as I am a big 767 fan. In fact, one of the very firstadd-ons I got for FSX was the CLS 767, so I was extremely keen toexperience a 767 within Prepar3D.

In service since 1982, the 767 has been one of the most versatileairliners every created, with over 1,100 built in several differentvariants. Today, the 767 has been replaced by the more modern 787 formost airlines, but the airframe is still being built as a freighterand has proved to be a big hit for cargo carriers such as Prime Air,UPS and DHL.

/images/reviews/capts767/t/captain-sim-767-04.jpg   /images/reviews/capts767/t/captain-sim-767-05.jpg

/images/reviews/capts767/t/captain-sim-767-06.jpg   /images/reviews/capts767/t/captain-sim-767-07.jpg


Captain Sim has crafted a truly authentic and accuraterepresentation of the Boeing 767. There is a huge amount of detailthroughout the model, especially on the exterior. An example of thisis the thousands of holes which make up the nacelle anti-icesystem. Also included are the remarkable 4K or 2K (adjustable)textures, which together with PBR, provides (on certain liveries), astunning metallic look. It is for this reason that chrome liveriessuch as American Airlines have never looked so good within a flightsimulator (I have yet to experience the new Microsoft FlightSimulator).

/images/reviews/capts767/t/captain-sim-767-08.jpg   /images/reviews/capts767/t/captain-sim-767-09.jpg

/images/reviews/capts767/t/captain-sim-767-02.jpg   /images/reviews/capts767/t/captain-sim-767-03.jpg


Moving inside, and users will notice a cockpit not too dissimilarfrom the Boeing 757. This is because the Boeing 767 is the big brotherto the 757, and as such they have a lot in common, one of them beingthe same cockpit design. However, the 767 does have some smalldifferences such as fuel dumping and cargo heat options. I am gladthat all of these differences have been included and the cockpit isaccurate to that of the early Boeing 767s. There was also goodfunctionality throughout as all the systems seemed to work asexpected. Unfortunately though, the passenger section of the 767 wasonly accessible via the locked spot view, unlike their earlier modelswhich allowed you to do a complete walk-through. Captain Sim...ifyou're reading this...perhaps you could add this feature in a futureupdate?


As I would expect with any Captain Sim product, it has an abundanceof additional features, one of which is the "ACE" system, which allowsyou to download, add equipment or adjust various parameters withinyour aircraft. You also have the option to individually control all ofthe aircraft's internal lighting, as well as all the variousdoors. You also have the ability to edit the systems in a way not toodissimilar to PMDG products.

/images/reviews/capts767/t/captain-sim-767-10.jpg   /images/reviews/capts767/t/captain-sim-767-11.jpg

/images/reviews/capts767/t/captain-sim-767-12.jpg   /images/reviews/capts767/t/captain-sim-767-13.jpg


When it comes to performance, I think trying to get any aircraft tobehave like its real-life counterpart is going to be tricky fordevelopers, especially something as large and as complex as the Boeing767 being reviewed here. However, having spent many hours testing theCaptain Sim 767, I found its performance was spot on (to the best ofmy knowledge and limited experience).

Captain Sim's 767 always seemed to be on the mark in regards toperformance, especially during take-off and landing. In terms ofclimb/cruise characteristics, the feeling I got was that I was flyinga heavier version of the 757, which technically the 767 is. My onlycriticism was that there was not a lot of difference with flightcontrol augmentation with different weight settings - it felt slightlyinaccurate.

/images/reviews/capts767/t/captain-sim-767-14.jpg   /images/reviews/capts767/t/captain-sim-767-15.jpg


Overall I came away very impressed with Captain Sim's rendition ofthe Boeing 767. I felt that the model not only looked the part, butalso performed how I would expect it to. There are still a few issueshere and there, one being the low FPS I experience during my testing,but that could be at my end, and nothing to do with the actual modelitself. Overall though, testing the 767 in P3D was an enjoyableexperience and I have no doubt that Captain Sim will address theissues mentioned above.


Please check out the following video for an in-depth look into someof the systems found on the Captain Sim 767:

Alex Dickinson



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