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Review: A2A Simulations - Accu-Sim Spitfire MKI-II

Accu-Sim Spitfire MKI-II

Publisher: A2A Simulations

Review Author:
Alex Dickinson

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How can you introduce an aircraft likethe Spitfire? What can be said about this iconic aircraft that has notalready been said?

This famous airframe designed in 1936 was intended to replace theRoyal Air Force's ageing biplane fleet. Used extensively throughoutWorld War 2, it was the only fighter to be in continuous productionthroughout the conflict. The Spitfire, renowned for its incrediblehandling, has been forever loved by its pilots and naturally feared byits enemy. During the Battle of Britain, German ace Adolf Gallandapparently even told Hermann Goering that he wanted a squadron ofthem.

Originally part of their Wings of Power series, the Spitfire (aswell as a few other famous WW2 aircraft) are now available on P3D V4,and V5.

/images/reviews/a2aspit/t/A2A-Spitfire-01.jpg   /images/reviews/a2aspit/t/A2A-Spitfire-02.jpg


Installation was quick and simple and is something I have come toexpect from A2A having owned quite a number of their models throughoutthe years.


The 'Pilot's manual' discusses the aircraft's history as well asflying procedures. This was incredible in-depth at 100 pages long. Theformat was clear but also simplified in places so that it was veryeasy to reference pieces of data quickly. I also liked how the textstyle used and general format was that of the period. This gave thefeeling of actually reading a real vintage Spitfire manual.

The second manual is called the 'Accu-sim manual', and I found thisto be more of a technical piece as it contained an enormous amount ofdetail about how the aircraft worked in the sim. It had lots ofdiagrams, pictures, and even how Accu-sim works.

/images/reviews/a2aspit/t/A2A-Spitfire-03.jpg   /images/reviews/a2aspit/t/A2A-Spitfire-05.jpg


When it came to the exterior, I was extremely impressed with theattention to detail and modelling of the Spitfire (even after allthese years). High resolution textures had been used throughout andeven the smallest details seemed not to have been overlooked. Forexample, there were even visual indicators on the wings to signal theposition of the landing gear, as well as the outlines for the bodypanels and rivets. Unfortunately, despite being available on thenewer-generation P3D platforms, there was sadly no PBR or dynamiclighting effects to be seen. That being said, even with theseomissions, the Spitfire was still visually impressive!

As what's now a given with A2A models, you can change certaincomponents of the aircraft, and here the Spitfire was nodifferent. Options include the ability to change the canopy design andalso substitute the propellers between a 2-blade wooden prop, or athree-blade variable pitch metal one. Other realistic features includea ground crew in which to help keep the tail down during run-upchecks, plus a starter unit for the Mark 1's and aircraft jacks.

/images/reviews/a2aspit/t/A2A-Spitfire-06.jpg   /images/reviews/a2aspit/t/A2A-Spitfire-07.jpg


During the Spitfire's life, there were 24 different variants (notincluding naval versions). In this package, A2A has modelled thefollowing early versions: Mark 1, Mark 2A, and Mark 2B. In total therewere 4 liveries (all from the Battle of Britain) and includes adescription about it accordingly, which is a nice addition.


The Spitfire's cockpit is similar to most fighters of the era andis best described as cramped. If you were on the small side, you had alittle more legroom, but for those with long legs...it was tight.

However, once settled in, you get an idea of why the Spitfire wasso loved by those luckily enough to fly it. From a design layout(unlike an American fighter such as the P-40), it was much lessintimidating. This was mostly down to the way the cockpit wasdesigned. Due to the nature of the switches and gauges, learning thelayout was a lot easier than many other fighters of the time.

/images/reviews/a2aspit/t/A2A-Spitfire-10.jpg   /images/reviews/a2aspit/t/A2A-Spitfire-11.jpg

When starting the Spitfire for the first time (a realistic andhighly rewarding task in itself), you are greeted by not only a lot ofnoise, but also vibrations. This greatly adds to the realism and ifyou have never experienced it before in a simulator, it really isquite something.

Flight Model

When talking about the Spitfire, you cannot help but conjure upromantic images of its legendary flying characteristics. Loved by herpilots, I have to say that the A2A model has pretty much the sameattributes. In the air she is an absolute delight, being both gracefuland agile. She is fast with acceleration to match...no surprise reallywhen you consider her pedigree!

The way A2A have managed to replicate the flight model in a sim isa testament to their skill and perseverance. No wonder A2A have boththe loyal fanbase and reputation they have...it is well deserved.

/images/reviews/a2aspit/t/A2A-Spitfire-08.jpg   /images/reviews/a2aspit/t/A2A-Spitfire-09.jpg

However, whilst in the air she may be graceful, on the groundthings are decidedly different. The reason being is that the Spitfireis a taildragger and as everyone knows, that brings about its ownchallenges. When you add in the amount of power and torque of theMerlin engine, things get rather interesting to say the least! Pilotinput is paramount, and it takes quite a bit of practice to get thingsright. But being an A2A model...when you do get it right, oh boy is ita delight!


The Spitfire's Merlin engine is an audiophile's dream come true,and in the opinion of this reviewer, no other engine from WW2 comesclose to it in the sound department. Used not just in the Spitfire,but also in aircraft such as the Lancaster bomber and American P-51,the Merlin engine is a pure joy to listen to.

/images/reviews/a2aspit/t/A2A-Spitfire-12.jpg   /images/reviews/a2aspit/t/A2A-Spitfire-13.jpg


Normally when I review an aircraft, I do hours' worth of researchto ensure I have ticked every box, but in the case of the Spitfire, itwas more like days. The experience A2A offer is quite simplyphenomenal. Even after all these years, there was nothing which mademe feel that the Spitfire was anything less than what it was almost adecade ago. Just like the real aircraft, A2A's rendition is a thingof beauty, and it seems that time has only made her more so.

Alex Dickinson

YouTube: The Plane Guy

Twitch: The Plane Guy 787



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