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Gift Guide: FS2Crew - Majestic Dash 8 Q400 Special Bundle Pack

Majestic Dash 8 Q400 Special Bundle Pack

Publisher: FS2Crew

Review Author:
Richard Nurse

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In almost 40 years of history, flightsimulation has evolved to become an advanced platform that trulyrepresents the real-world aviation industry. Flight simmers areprovided with high levels of immersion, enjoyment, and gain incredibleknowledge as third party products accurately reflect their real-worldcounterparts.

FS2Crew's Majestic Dash 8 Q400 Special Bundle Pack is at theforefront of this immersion in the industry, and it represents itsfantastic host software, the Majestic Software Q400 very, verywell. Here is why this product is so good:

  • It uses real-world Dash 8 Q400 SOPs designed in close consultation with Captain Brendan Ratchford
  • Very easy installation and setup
  • It is a very stable product, with hardly any glitches evident to the user
  • It offers voice and button control interface options, for those who don't always like to use voice only
  • It uses Dash 8 Q400 specific crew-flows, with the ability for your copilot to control ALL systems completely independent from you, the user
  • You can even do bleed off or on takeoffs and landings

Easy Installation

This product is available for Prepar3D versions 4 and 5. Simplychoose your platform and follow the installation instructions:


After installation, run the Configuration Manager which should nowbe available on your desktop. Click on the button to Enable VoiceControl. And that's it!


Easy Setup

As the Pilot in Command, you interact with the system either withVOICE COMMAND, or by BUTTON COMMAND.

Voice Control Setup

In order to utilize the speech recognition of this product, youhave to setup the speech recognition feature of Windows.


You must run the voice training so the computer can learn yourvoice. This is a CRITICAL step. If you don't run the voice training,your speech recognition accuracy rates will not be high.


Button Control Setup

You have to open the User Guide to assign three buttons, which would beused to interact with the system:

  • Main Button or Hard Mute Key: Used for primary interactions with the system such as interaction with the First Officer. In voice mode, this is used when you want to employ mute for extended periods of time.
  • Secondary Button or Soft Mute Key: Used for secondary actions such as interacting with the flight attendant, and acknowledging remarks from the crew. In voice mode, this is used when you only want to employ mute temporarily, such as when communicating with on-line ATC.
  • Opening and closing the Main Panel: Unlike in other versions of FS2Crew, you cannot open the FS2Crew main panel by clicking an area on the instrument panel. This is due to a technical limitation with the Majestic Dash 8 since it only uses a VC cockpit. The only way to open the main panel is by creating a keyboard/joystick assignment.

Review of the Panels

The Main Panel

The Main Panel is the primary interface for the system, and depictsthe stages of the standard operating procedures in the textdisplay. It is a 2D pop-up panel, and opening and closing this panelis done by button, as we discussed earlier:

Overview of the Procedures

The procedures are based on a real-world checklist which FS2Crewprovides you with, as you are the Captain in Command.

24 Hour System Checklist:

If this is your first flight of the day, you must perform the"24-Hour System Checks". Upon pressing the main button, the Captain'svoice will sound, prompting the First Officer (FO) to perform the24-Hour System Checklist. The FO will then prompt you for completingeach item in the checklist.

First the Engine Fire Detection Test:


Then the APU Fire Detection Test:


And so on...

Preflight Procedure:

In order to initiate the Preflight phase of the flight you mustclick the PF EVENTS button on the main panel.


The following actions then take place:

  • Main exits and baggage compartment doors open.
  • The T+30 timer begins to count down, representing the time required for the pre-flight events
  • The First Officer (FO) begins his pre-flight events. At around T+24 he announces that he is out for the Walk-Around
  • The Flight Attendant (FA) asks to begin boarding around T+23.

At about T+19 the FO returns and performs his pre-flightprocedure.


He interacts with the cockpit in real time, changing and testingsystems such as the TCAS and weather radar, and ensuring that thecockpit is in the correct state. If a switch is positionedincorrectly, he will correct it.

Before Start Procedure and the rest of the procedures

The FO performs all of his duties completely independent of theuser, and interacts with the Majestic Dash 8 to manipulate systems tomake them appropriate for each phase of flight. The checklist providedshows you all of the procedures you go through with your FO in eachphase of flight:




The Briefing Panel:

The conditions of the aircraft for departure and approach aredefined using the following briefing panels. You use this to determinethe exact configuration of the aircraft, and upon reaching thesephases, the FO will set the aircraft accordingly.


The Video Marshaller Panel:

This product contains a free version of FS Video Marshaller.


A marshaller appears in a video to indicate their hand signals ofeach action such as removing the chock, disconnecting the GPU, andstarting the engines.


The PA Panel:

You can use this panel to initiate voice recordings of PAannouncements for the flight crew and passengers:



Well, what can I say about a product that simulates the real-lifecrew environment of the Q400, using an event based command system foreasy interaction with a highly trained First Officer (FO)? Thisproduct is the quickest way to utilize the fantastic Majestic Dash 8as if you were the real pilot. This is an excellent product, and one Icannot do without.

  • Easy installation and setup
  • The FO configures the cockpit independently of the user, providing the relief benefits intended by the FO
  • Uses real-world Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) of the Q400
  • Passenger and crew announcements fully integrated
  • Very easy to use



This product is one of the best utility add-ons on the market andso I award it a full 5 out of 5.

Richard Nurse


Purchase FS2Crew - Majestic Dash 8 Q400 for P3D v4/v5

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