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Fly With That One Pilot Chick #7


Fly With That One Pilot Chick #7

by Ron Blehm


This feature allows all of the FS fanatics to fly along (virtually) with THAT ONE PILOT CHICK (an FAA-certified, commericial pilot) on her real-world flying adventures. You can see more on her Instagram page: @thatonepilotchick










Your Job

While THAT ONE PILOT CHICK flies the real planes, we're asking you to fly the same thing on your sims and send me your videos and screen shots so that we can all share in the adventures of flight.


Last Feature

Feature number six took us on a longer flight into Redmond in central Oregon and this flight takes us to the BIG TIME ... Seattle.


"C172, caution 737MAX landing parallel".






You Guys To Redmond

Melo and Thomas:





Flight Challenge Seven

Month = February Time = Morning
Weather = 36°F ---> 46°F, winds calm, clouds widely scattered and clearing










Depart KALW runway 02 and immediately turn to heading 288°. This will be 191 miles and have you set up for southbound landing into KBFI. Land on the LEFT runway to leave room for the MAXIE landing on the right runway!


















Here's my video of their flight:





(You may notice that was uploaded a year ago.)


Your Job

As noted above, please fly this in your Flight Sims. Take screen shots and videos to share next time. Those can be e-mailed to: cubflounder@gmail.com.


Please follow our real-world pilot on Instagram:




Ron Blehm





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