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Fly With That One Pilot Chick #6


Fly With That One Pilot Chick #6

by Ron Blehm

FLY WITH THAT ONE PILOT CHICK would like to thank the ever-supportive FS community for encouraging her in her real-world flying. She also wants to thank those actually reproducing her flights and sending those in as they provide some valuable insight and education for all pilots.



This feature allows all of the FS fanatics to fly along (virtually) with THAT ONE PILOT CHICK on her real-world flying adventures. She flies the real planes, you fly the sim and send me your videos and screen shots.


You can see more on her Instagram page:









  • Solo Flight = CHECK
  • Skyhawk Certified = CHECK
  • Private License = CHECK
  • IFR Rating = CHECK
  • Piper Arrow Certified = CHECK
  • Commercial Rating = CHECK
  • Accepted to the future pilot program at a major carrier
  • CFI Rating = SOON







Thomas and Melo (plus):





Flight Six

Longer flight this time, I hope you are up for the challenge!


Month = October
Time = Morning
Weather = 58°F ---> 66°F, Winds Calm
Clouds Widely Scattered and Clearing






Depart KALW runway 20 and turn right heading 243°. It is 119 miles to the LTJ VOR but you'll be flying along the scenic Columbia River with views of the Cascade Mountains ahead.













At the VOR turn south heading 165° and continue 87 miles into Redmond (KRDM) where the high temps are 40°F and wind is out of the west at 8 knots.






Good luck!










Here's a real-world video of that flight:





Your Job

As noted above, you fly the sim and take screen shots and videos to share next time. Those can be e-mailed to:




Please follow our real-world pilot on Instagram:




Ron Blehm

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