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Fly With That One Pilot Chick #2


Fly With That One Pilot Chick

by Ron Blehm










This feature is based on the flight experience of a young, real-world pilot in Washington State. She is an FAA-Certified Private Pilot working on IFR and Commercial ratings. I thought that it may be fun for you all to join in as a real-world pilot works her way through flight adventures and more advanced ratings.


Every few weeks I will share one of "That One Pilot Chick's" real-world flights and ask that you all repeat the flight in your flight simulator. You can either post the video / pictures on YOUR YouTube and share the link or you can send your screen shots / videos to me and I'll post it with links on our next feature.










Last time we flew from Scappoose to Pacific City in Oregon and while several commented that "this should be fun", very few sent in any information.


User RUPERT filed his report as a comment to the original post and I've shared a little summary video of some others' screen shots here:





Now, a little disclaimer ... "That One Pilot Chick" is already FAA-Certified and is working on cross-country and IFR hours; we are not to that point yet. I can promise you (as long as this feature is in demand) that we will offer longer and more challenging flights as time goes on and who knows how far aviation will take our real-world pilot? We'll have to keep flying our simulators along with her and see what the future brings.










Flight Two

Flight two is a scenic tour of the Portland Oregon area. Set your season to SUMMER and use the default FAIR WEATHER setting. As we did last time, we'll depart northbound from Scappoose (KSPB) and once through 4,000 feet we'll turn right heading 081° and pass directly over the BTG VOR. A slight heading tweak to 115° will pass us over 1W1 and then we'll continue south (heading 161°) to KTTD. You're welcome to land here or continue on to 42OR and then 4S9 before turning north and following the Willamette River over 2OG3 and past downtown before returning to KSPB runway 33.


See also this:





As noted, please take screen shots and videos to share next time.


Ron Blehm
E-mail: cubflounder@gmail.com
Instagram: that.one.pilot.chick


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