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Flight Simulator 2020 First Impressions


Flight Simulator 2020 First Impressions

By Michael Hayward

It has been almost a year now sinceMicrosoft revealed at E3 the next edition of Microsoft FlightSimulator. Since then, there has been numerous updates and features asto what the simulator will include and at X019 London last year, Ieven got a chance to sit down and try out the simulator for myselfwhileinterviewing the developersbehind it, Asobo Studio.



After an intensive Alpha and Beta process, last week Microsoftopened up the floor for the press to start trying out the simulatorfor themselves and showcase what the platform will have to offer. Inthis feature, we will take a look at a flight from London Luton toInverness, starting from cold and dark before flying across the UnitedKingdom.

Overall, I am certainly impressed with what the simulator has tooffer. The scenery is just fantastic, streaming satellite informationfrom Bing Maps into the platform, while Azure AI takes care of smallerdetails such as buildings, forests, rivers and waterways. Flightdynamics too aren't bad. Certainly in need of some tweaking to getjust right, but no longer the feeling of flying on rails.

It's certainly a privilege to be able to show off some gameplay forthe all-new simulator, as I for one am very excited for itsrelease. You have the whole world in your hands, the whole wide worldto explore in such fascinating detail!



Over the next coming days and weeks before its launch on August18th, I will be taking an in-depth look at the simulator, breakingdown its many different aspects, from scenery to flight dynamics, andjetliners to general aviation aircraft.

Please let me know what your impressions are in the comments section below.

Michael Hayward

Read Michael's interview with Asobo Studio

Official Microsoft Flight Simulator Web Site

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