Tile Match

Tile Match

Tile Match is a solitaire game that makes a great companion for Mah Jongg solitaire. It's based on concentration solitaire (also known as memory solitaire) and uses the same tile sets as Mah Jongg. Tile Match is a great mind exercise or stress reliever that anyone can play.

Tile Match is simple to play. You start with a group of tiles placed face down. The object is to find matching pairs as you turn the tiles over two at a time. Different board sizes and number of identical tiles make for for a game that can be as easy or as difficult as you wish.

Concentration solitaire has many variations and Tile Match includes them all! It has different scoring rules, wild cards, lose turn cards and more. It's not just solitaire either...it can be played by two to four players, or you can play against the computer.

Tile Match runs using 16 color graphics in 640x350 pixel mode. Both EGA and VGA video cards support this mode.

Sample of Tile Match tiles

Tile Match features include:

o  Colorful hi-res graphics

o  Hundreds of available tile sets

o  Various board sizes...suitable for all ages!

o  Tile set editor ("Tile Factory") included

o  High score hall of fame

o  Scoring options

o  Many playing options

o  Play with 1 to 4 people or against the computer

o  And more!

Sample of Tile Match tiles

The game comes complete with a tile editor utility called Tile Maker that lets you create your own tile sets or edit an existing sets. In this way you can have your own customized version of the game!

Tile Match requires EGA or VGA. No extended memory is required. A mouse is supported but not required.

Give your memory some exercise...give Tile Match a try today!

o  To download Tile Match, click here. (File Size: 247,533 bytes)

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