Shooting Gallery

Shooting Gallery

Shooting Gallery is a combination of target shooting games using bright 256 color VGA graphics and SoundBlaster sound effects. Seven different rounds of shooting fun are included!

From the arcade shooting range where its name comes from to skeet shooting to quick draw, Shooting Gallery has something for everyone. There's even a wild west shootout in the final round where you must pick off the bad guys...all wearing black hats.

Unlike many action games Shooting Gallery does not require hours of reading to get started. All you need is to pick up your mouse and start blasting away. It's good for a quick break or an afternoon of target practice.

You can just play the game straight through, but there are options available as well. Shooting Gallery offers all of the following:

o  Arcade shooting gallery (two variations)

o  Skeet shooting (single and double target)

o  Quick draw (single and double target)

o  Wild West shootout

o  Play with 1 to 4 players

o  Play all rounds, or only those you select

o  Practice any round

o  High score Hall Of Fame

o  SoundBlaster or PC speaker sounds

Arcade Shooting Gallery Round

Shooting Gallery requires VGA or MCGA graphics and a mouse to play. SoundBlaster and compatible sound cards are supported for digitized sound effects.

Join the over 100,000 people who are already playing Shooting Gallery!

o  To download Shooting Gallery, click here. (File Size: 217,237 bytes)

Wild West Shootout Round

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