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Arcanum Computing, operated by Nels Anderson (who also operates FlightSim.Com), has been providing great shareware games since the release of Mah Jongg solitaire in 1987.

Please read on for a list of all currently available products. You can download the shareware versions of any program right from this page! You can also order any of these games using your credit card and our secure order form. Note: all downloadable versions of these games come as .ZIP files. You will need a utility to unzip these files to make them usable. If you do not already have such a utility you can download PKzip the original, DOS based unzip utility or you can get PKzip for Windows or you can download WinZip a Windows based unzip utility.

Except where noted, games are written for DOS systems but should run fine under Windows for most people without any special setup. To use any of the downloadable trial versions just download the file(s), unzip everything into a single directory on your hard disk and run the game file (the one with a file name ending in ".exe").

Dragons Bane: Mah Jongg II

Dragons Bane: Mah Jongg II v1.2 is a second generation version of the popular tile solitaire game. It's easy to play and filled with features. Supports SVGA and VGA graphics plus SoundBlaster. Includes many tile sets plus an editor to make your own. Also includes different board layouts and an editor for layouts too.

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o  To download Dragons Bane, part 1 of 2, click here. (File size: 480,861 bytes)

o  To download Dragons Bane, part 2 of 2, click here. (File size: 478,929 bytes)

NOTE: If you have a Pentium computer running faster than 200 MHz Dragons Bane may not run properly (evidence will be an "Error 200" message when you try to run the game). A 3rd party utility is reported to fix the problem for many people. It's called "CPU Killer" and you can download it from

Second Guess

Second Guess v1.1 is the most advanced memory solitaire game ever. It runs in VGA or SVGA mode for brilliant hi-res color images Supports SoundBlaster digitized sound effects. Includes every imaginable playing option and includes a tile editor.

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o  To download Second Guess click here. (File Size: 857,435 bytes)

Shih Dao

Shih Dao v3.7 is a solitaire game that challenges you to earn points by placing tiles of the same color or pattern next to each other. It has awesome high resolution graphics and fun sounds. This Windows based game has easy rules but to become a Master will challenge the best game strategist!

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o  To download Shih Dao (part 1 of 2), click here. (File Size: 430,346 bytes)

o  To download Shih Dao (part 2 of 2), click here. (File Size: 452,816 bytes)

o  To download Shih Dao, all in one file, click here. (File Size: 885,200 bytes)

Shooting Gallery

Shooting Gallery v3.3 is an action/arcade game with seven different rounds of target shooting challenges. It's great for a quick break or for an afternoon of target practice. Requires 256 color VGA and supports SoundBlaster digitized sound effects.

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o  To download Shooting Gallery, click here. (File Size: 217,237 bytes)

Mah Jongg Solitaire

Mah Jongg v4.2 is a solitaire game played with tiles. It's very easy to learn to play but always a challenge to win. It includes many playing options and an editor to create your own tile sets. Hundreds of tiles are currently available.

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o  To download Mah Jongg solitaire, click here. (File Size: 210,653 bytes)


EGATrek v3.1 is an outer space strategy game based on one of the first computer games. You are in control of a powerful starship fighting an enemy invasion, with only limited resources and no backup! You must develop your own battle strategy while greatly outnumbered by enemy ships and facing constant battle damage.

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o  To download EGATrek, click here. (File Size: 130,702 bytes)


Cipher is a crypt-quotes type word puzzle game, such as you might find in the newspaper. Over 200 quotations are included with the registered game and additional puzzle collections are available too. It's available in both a DOS and a Windows version.

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o  To download Cipher v2.2, click here. (File Size: 100,312 bytes)

o  To download Cipher For Windows v1.1, click here. (File Size: 112,740 bytes)

Tile Match

Tile Match v1.2 is a solitaire game and more. Based on concentration solitaire it includes every imaginable playing option, plus multi-player games. Uses the same tiles as Mah Jongg solitaire and includes the tile editor.

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o  To download Tile Match, click here. (File Size: 247,533 bytes)


SuperFly v2.1 is an action game that requires strategy too. Your house has been invaded by a swarm of flies and other bugs. The only solution--get the Super Fly!

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o  To download SuperFly, click here. (File Size: 102,508 bytes)

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We also make all these files available from this site via ftp in case you prefer that method. To reach us via anonymous ftp, connect to:

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You'll find all Arcanum Computing games available for download there.

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