Dragons Bane: Mah Jongg II

Dragons Bane: Mah Jongg II

"...addictive and fun to play..."
Dallas Computer Currents--August 1995

Dragons Bane: Mah Jongg II is a second generation version of the highly popular and addictive tile solitaire game.

Dragons Bane supports SVGA graphics (256 color, 640x480) as well as standard VGA and also includes digitized sound effects for owners of SoundBlaster (or compatible) sound cards.

Dragons Bane takes only a few minutes to learn to play, but winning is always a challenge. Like most solitaire games, it will keep you coming back for "just one more try..."

All the features that people have asked for in a tile solitaire game are included, such as:

o  Many available tile sets

o  Tile set editor "Tile Factory"

o  Variable backgrounds (plain, icons, PCX pictures)

o  Different board layouts (editor included!)

o  Extensive statistics keeping

o  Tournaments for competitive play

o  VGA/SVGA graphics

o  Animated effects when tiles are removed

o  Sound effects

o  A wide variety of hints

o  And more!

Sample of Dragons Bane tiles

Dragons Bane: Mah Jongg II requires VGA or SVGA graphics and 1.2 megs of expanded or extended memory to run. A mouse and SoundBlaster compatible sound card are supported but optional.

Join the thousands of people already addicted to tile solitaire and give Dragons Bane a try!

o  To download Dragons Bane, part 1 of 2, click here. (File size: 480,861 bytes)

o  To download Dragons Bane, part 2 of 2, click here. (File size: 478,929 bytes)

o  To download additional Dragons Bane tile sets, click here.

NOTE: If you have a Pentium computer running faster than 200 MHz Dragons Bane may not run properly (evidence will be an "Error 200" message when you try to run the game). A 3rd party utility is reported to fix the problem for many people. It's called "CPU Killer" and you can download it from www.cpukiller.com

"Dragons Bane is one of those rare games for which a reviewer has to actually look hard for something negative to say"
Joe DeRouen, Dallas Computer Currents, August 1995

For a great companion program to Dragons Bane, check out Second Guess solitaire.

Interested in the original four player Chinese game? Then visit the Mah Jongg Cyber Museum.

For some freeware Dragons Bane tiles from another source visit Rafi's Rainbow.

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